Are You Losing Thousands of Dollars Due To Poor Data Collection?

By mary qin on October 21, 2013

If your business is still relying on paper forms for data collection, you could be losing thousands of dollars annually or even monthly! Have you ever received a form that is incomplete, illegible, or inaccurate? Each of these issues cost valuable time to fix. With mobile apps, they become a thing of the past.

Here are just a few of the problems mobile apps solve:

Incomplete forms

How many times have you received a form with fields missing? Make any field required with a mobile app so you receive all the information you need the first time. Users will be prompted with a message if they try to send a submission without all the required fields. Save yourself the hassle of having to send forms back to be filled out again.

Illegible handwriting

Stop wasting time attempting to transcribe chicken scratch. By collecting data directly on mobile devices, there’s no need to decode someone’s handwriting. Get it right from the start.

Inaccurate information

Mobile apps also give you more accurate data with features like GPS capture, time stamps, calculations, and reference data. None of these require the user to manually input information. Cut out human error and get accurate data all the time.

Outdated forms

Once a paper form is printed, it’s practically written in stone. So what happens when you need to update your forms? You’d either have to manually change the printed forms or get an entirely new batch printed. Cut out that cost by going mobile! Mobile apps let you change at a moment’s notice and push the updates to all mobile devices no matter where they are.

Lost forms

Nobody’s perfect: things get lost or damaged. If you never received a work order or invoice, would you notice? Don’t lose out on unbilled service due to a lost form. When a user makes a submission, mobile apps store them securely. Never miss an opportunity due to lost forms again.

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