AP Motor Sports Kicks Into High Gear with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackberry Playbooks

By kalliopi vlastos on August 15, 2012

canvas vehicle inspection apps

AP Motor Sports, a motorcycle maintenance company, has kicked paper to the curb in favor of GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackberry Playbooks. The company stumbled upon a Vehicle Inspection App in the GoCanvas Application Store and started using immediately at its Maple Ontario headquarters on Playbooks. They’re using the app primarily for onsite motorcycle and vehicle maintenance at riding and training facilities. GoCanvas helps keep the riders safe while keeping the company paperless.

The app collects the VIN, odometer reading, year, make and model of the vehicle. It then allows the user to check every aspect of the vehicle from driver controls, to body integrity, brakes, engine, lighting and electrical parts. The inspector enters his name, checks to verify that it was road tested, indicates whether it passed or not and then signs his name with the swipe of a finger. All of the information collected is then generated in a PDF document and emailed to the vehicle owner on the spot.

That leaves no paper trail for this motor repair company to plow through. All the data is securely stored in the GoCanvas cloud and can be accessed anywhere at any time. Download today your own vehicle inspection app to use on your Playbook, iPad or Android tablet.