6 Reasons To Go Paperless and Change to Mobile Forms

By Nick Mirisis on February 14, 2020
Tags: Data Collection

6 Reasons Your Company Should Switch to Mobile Forms

Changing your business’s internal processes can seem challenging, which might make you wonder, “Is going paperless worth it?” Here are six insights to help you understand the business benefits of mobile forms and motivate you to take your business paperless. 

1. Saving Money

Saving money by reducing your overhead costs is the easiest way to help your business grow. Going paperless allows you to do just that without making any sacrifices within the office or out in the field. Paperless systems provide your business with both short-term and long-term savings:

  • Short-term, you will immediately reduce your overhead costs by halting the purchase of paper, printing and related entities. 
  • Long-term, you can save money by reducing errors in your company’s paperwork and spending less time on follow-ups with your staff, improving your company’s productivity. 

Wondering how much money paperless forms can save you? Van Diest Supply Company, for example, saves more than $250,000 every year in paper costs alone. Comprehensively, mobile forms can help your company bring in serious savings. Try our ROI calculator to see just how much money your business can save by going paperless. 

2. Saving Time and Improving Efficiency

Are you looking for an easy way to increase your company’s efficiency? Going paperless may be the answer. Mobile forms save your business time by improving the efficiency of your internal processes. For instance, Countrywide—the UK’s largest real estate service business—increased productivity by 50% going paperless with mobile forms. This productivity saves Countrywide more than 700 hours of company time each year, which translates into $55,000+ in time savings. Your employees can spend more time doing valuable work when they are no longer slowed down by manual paper processes.

3. Capturing and Sharing Information Instantly

Whether you need to collect employee time cards from multiple locations or get documents reviewed in the office from employees on a job site, mobile forms can help you deliver information at the click of a button. The real-time reporting provided by mobile forms sustains refined success and immediate communication within fast-paced companies. Without the need to print and manually submit all of your in-house documents, you can see a significant quickening of information sharing within your business. 

4. Improving Data Collection

Taking your business paperless also gives you the tools and opportunity to improve the quality and accuracy of the data you collect. Using advanced features such as GPS capture, automatic barcode scanning, image capture, and integrations will open up the range of information you can record. Forget about the delays caused by inaccuracies in calculations or illegible handwriting when you embrace the convenience of a paperless system. Once you have collected your data, mobile forms allow you to export it, organize it into dashboards, save it for later, and use it to fuel your company forward—no paper delay necessary.

5. Getting Business Insights Through Analytics

You invest your company’s time into collecting valuable data. Mobile forms allow you to take full advantage of this data to implement improvements to your business. The mobile form medium and advanced tools available through the GoCanvas system means that internal insights are just one click away. Business Insights and Analytics can help you synthesize and visualize internal information to drive your company forward using the latest insight available.

6. Reducing the Carbon Footprint of you Business

Going paperless gives you a chance to become more environmentally friendly while saving money. You can reduce your company’s paper consumption, printing costs, shredding needs, and more when you convert to mobile forms. The EPA reports that in recent years, the Pulp and Paper Manufacturing industry produced 25.7 million metric tons CO2e. However, this number is on the decline as more and more businesses go paperless to reduce their carbon footprint. As consumers increasingly switch to support environmentally-friendly businesses, you can help the environment while promoting the appeal of your business with paperless forms.

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