3 Ways to Build the Perfect Service Agreement App

By keith bateman on December 11, 2017

Mobile Field Workers

Collecting Service Agreement Data in Real-time

Collecting data is only half the battle.

Within every business on the planet, regardless of industry, time is money. The ability to collect, process, and analyze data in a quick and orderly fashion is critically important to the success of every business. And for many, using paper and pen to collect information is the least effective and slowest method for data collection.

One critical process that is still primarily being done on paper is the collection and completion of Service Agreements. These forms can be completed at various points within a field service or construction process, which is why it’s so important that the information being collected is both accurate and neatly organized for quick recall.

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The Service Agreement information being collected is important because it’s necessary for getting paid for services rendered and, if the information is wrong or delayed in being reviewed, payment may not be received on time (if at all). That’s why a company’s ability to efficiently collect, organize, and process Service Agreements with total accuracy can be the difference between making a profit or posting a deficit in a given month.

Luckily platforms like GoCanvas are now available to help you convert your most time-sensitive data collection processes into easy to use mobile apps. And the best part is that going paperless with your Service Agreements doesn’t have to take weeks to accomplish.

Read below to find out how easy it is to get started with paperless Service Agreements!

3 Simple Steps for Deploying Mobile Service Agreements

The benefits of going mobile with your data collection is not only that you’ll be receiving higher quality data in real-time, but also that you’ll be able to expand the types of data you’re able to collect. And all of this is possible without having to undergo some sort of crazy deployment schedule or waiting weeks to see results.

Check out below 3 different ways you can get started using mobile Service Agreements with the GoCanvas platform:

Application Store

The GoCanvas online platform offers 100s of diverse mobile Service Agreement templates that stretch across industries such as Construction, Field Service, Retail, Transportation, and more. You can simply navigate to the Application Store and browse through the templates until you find the one or two that fit your needs. From there you can download it directly to your mobile device and begin collecting data in seconds!

The template wasn’t exactly what you were looking for? No problem! You can go back to the Application Store and download a couple more templates – there is no limit! Finding and downloading a Service Agreement from the GoCanvas Application Store is the fastest and easiest way to get started going paperless.

GoCanvas Application Store

GoCanvas App Builder & PDF Designer

Not able to find the perfect Service Agreement template in the GoCanvas Application Store? No problem! The GoCanvas App Builder allows you to further customize the Service Agreement template to fit your business needs. This may include adding GPS location, Time Stamps, Photo Capture, Payment Capture and much more.

GoCanvas App Builder

You can even build your very own Service Agreement from scratch with the sections and workflow that you need.  Check out below to see how easy it is to drag and drop data fields into your app, as well as to custom design the PDF Report to fit your business style.

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