20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Paperless

By Jason Peck on September 10, 2014

Going paperless with GoCanvas mobile apps is incredibly easy and can revolutionize your business. Thousands of businesses all over the world are saving time and money while streamlining their processes by investing in paperless solutions like GoCanvas.

But creating a paperless office is not for everyone. 

Here are 20 reasons why you shouldn't go paperless. 

1) Trips to filing cabinets are something you look forward to every day.

2) You’re going for the Guinness World Record for paper cuts on one hand.

3) Getting data back in real-time would just be too fast for you.

4) Mistakes with customer records are where you make your best money.

5) You are ok with your business burning down due to a paper forms fire because you want the insurance money.

6) You love billing your customers days, or even weeks, after you do work for them and hate paperless statements

7) You enjoy translating hieroglyphics, the Rosetta Stone and your employee's handwriting.

8) Your idea of optimal efficiency is watching competitive eaters devour 50 hotdogs.

competitive eating

How many more can he eat??? Photo credit: helloturkeytoe

9) The idea of a paperless invoice and document management scares you.

10) You enjoy games like Where’s Waldow and Find the Paper Form.

11) You have such great jams playing while customers are on hold that they don’t mind waiting 10 minutes while you look up their records in filing cabinets.

12) You’re excited about being a part of the growing group of companies that OSHA audits due to safety violations.

13) You enjoy making trips to the printer whenever you need to change something on a paper form.

14) You say, “At least we get it right 90% of the time,” when you hear that 10% of forms are typically lost or misfiled.

15) You’d rather cover yourself with paper at the office than with sunscreen while on vacation.

Do you like being buried by paperwork?

16) You'd rather not know how many forms have been completed on a daily basis, rather than receiving paperless statements via email notification. 

17) You hate those cute rain forest creatures and cackle at the thought of their homes being destroyed.

18) You’re always out of napkins and need those paper forms to wipe up coffee spills while in your truck.

19) You always used the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, and now it’s, “my dog ate those receipts.”

20) You think being called a “tech dinosaur” is a compliment.

You want to be a tech dinosaur? Stick with paper.

Yes they do still exist. Photo credit: buildersstudio.

Are there any other reasons why you shouldn't go paperless with your business processes and document management? Let us know!

But if you are now interested in creating a paperless office to help you get rid of all those filing cabinets, to begin creating paperless proposals, or just to explore what paperless solutions can do for your business, Get GoCanvas Free! 

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