Perform Daily Employee Health Screenings using a Mobile Device

Keep your employees and customers safe during this pandemic

Monitor and screen for COVID-19 symptoms from a mobile device or tablet.

Everything you need for COVID-19 screenings.


Screening forms and dashboards built to protect your business and your team

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Keep your customers and employees safe.
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Adhere to regulations requiring screenings and social distancing.
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Build confidence with your team and customers.
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Protect your business from liability and litigation.

Comprehensive employee health screening

As businesses reopen, tracking the health of employees is critical to minimizing the spread of the disease and protecting your business. GoCanvas offers you the solutions you need to get going with a pre-built set of mobile Apps for employee health screenings, CDC guidelines, and risk waivers.

Explaining how the Employee Health Screening Toolkit Works


Track symptoms, exposure, and temperature

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace with employee health screenings. Document symptoms, take a picture of a thermometer reading or enter temperatures manually, and require sign-off that results are accurate.

Health Screening Tracking an Employee's Temperature and Symptoms


Choose the health screening approach that works for your business

Let people report their own results or designate an employee to perform screenings – whatever works for your team. You can even customize your forms for your business needs.

Health Screening Tracking by Individual Employees or Designated Workers


Collect and protect your data

Stop worrying about compliance and liability. All of the data you collect is automatically and instantly stored securely in the cloud. Your privacy is our priority with optional HIPAA compliance and other enhanced security features.

Employee Health Screening HIPAA Compliance


See results in real-time

No more waiting for manual reports that take hours to process. Quickly identify at-risk employees and spot patterns and trends as they emerge with our dynamic reporting dashboard.

Health Screening and Risk Management Business Analytics


Hear about potential risks as soon as they’re reported

Know the moment someone logs symptoms or a fever so you can respond and react immediately. Address these situations as they happen to prevent spread and manage employee health and safety.

Employee Health Screening Automated Risk Alerts

Everything you need to protect your business and customers.

Pricing starts at $200 per month.

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GoCanvas COVID-19 Screening includes:

Alerts based on thresholds like high temperatures or symptoms

Photo capture (or manual entry) for thermometer readings

Required signatures

GPS location capture

Symptom tracker

Secure cloud storage

Online and offline data collection

Pre-populated info like employee names and badge numbers

Screening dashboard showing real-time results

Employee health screening advice and resources

Employee health screening advice and resources

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Pricing starts at $200 a month.