4 Types of Data Collectors

Not everyone collects information in the same way. Some people are more wordy, while other people prefer photos and calculations. Here are four types of data collectors you may have in your business.

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4 types of data collectors – You care about what type of data you collect, but have you thought about the type of people collecting your data? Here are four types of workers you may have, and some of their particular needs.

1. The Scientist

They are: Detailed and meticulous about the facts. Thus, forget qualitative details.

Ideal for: Quantitative data and tasks requiring precision.

May need: Examples for text descriptions expected from them. A detailed explanation of how mobile apps work.

2. The storyteller

They are: Verbose, animated, and forgetful.

Ideal for: Qualitative data and working with people.

May need: Required boxes, reference data, and additional help learning new technology.

3. The hard worker

They are: Hardworking, knowledgeable, and detest busy work.

Ideal for: Fieldwork and specialized tasks.

May need: Pre-populated fields, checkboxes, and dispatch.

4. The Klutz

They are: Hardworking, always stumbling into problems. Spilling coffee and losing forms.

Ideal for: A plastic bubble.

May need: A protective case around their device.