Fascinating Facts about GoCanvas

Who uses GoCanvas? Where are they located? What are they using our mobile app for? In honor of our latest funding milestone, we wanted to share some facts about where our business is today.  

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Fascinating facts about GoCanvas – How many sheets of paper have we saved? 25,593,595.

When placed side by side it’s enough to cover – 4,443,33 miles. That’s nearly the distance between Washington D.C. & Rome.

GoCanvas is used in 65 countries with 10 different languages.

Who we work with – 106 partners, over 30 major industries, 27 Fortune 1000 companies, 5 different telecoms.

94 Ante up processes streamlined – GoCanvas believes you don’t need to have millions of dollars to give back. As part of our Ante Up program, employees can donate GoCanvas and their time to deserving not-for-profits.

Top Five Downloaded Canvas Apps – 1. Job Estimator with Dispatch; 2. Inventory Collection; 3. Building Inspection; 4. QuickBooks invoice; 5. Job Work Order with Dispatch.