How Industry Leader, US Inspect, Saves Over $720,000 Annually with Mobile Inspections


  • Recover +9,900 Hours of Productivity Annually
  • Over 53,000 Digital Reports Produced Annually
  • Annual Dollar Savings of Over $720,000+

The Background 

US Inspect is the leading residential inspection company in the United States. For over 30 years, they have delivered residential inspections to thousands of home buyers and sellers across America.

The Problem

US Inspect provides each of their customers with straightforward and simple solutions to solve some seemingly complex problems, but before coming to GoCanvas, their paper-intensive processes hindered their efficiency. Before finding GoCanvas, US Inspect managed all information through Excel spreadsheets and email. These processes hindered the company’s growth and sparked their search for a data collection solution. As the company grew, JB Haller, CEO at US Inspect, realized that they needed a solution to give them a more efficient way to organize and analyze their data.

The goal was to find an application to streamline all of their forms. US Inspect wanted a platform that was easy to use for both its experienced inspectors and young engineers.

The Solution

GoCanvas was the answer! Once they adopted GoCanvas it didn’t take long for the staff to be up and running smoothly. Within weeks they were realizing the advantages GoCanvas brings.

The company hasn’t stopped there. Since the implementation of GoCanvas, the company has saved thousands of hours of tedious labor and created a competitive edge. The receiving form that used to take them thirty minutes now only takes them five. Techs no longer forget to fill out fields or photos as the required field feature ensures complete and consistent submission data each time. The company plans to continue building upon its integrations to maximize the efficiency of its business and make the most out of the GoCanvas platform. As GoCanvas helps improve US Inspect’s productivity, US Inspect is able to focus on delivering a wonderful customer experience by delivering a tailored solution for each of their customers.

Realizing the Benefits of Going Mobile

The company’s automated data collection has allowed the company to focus on providing the best service available. With better data visibility they are able to more accurately understand how the business is doing and where they can improve.

  • Significant talent acquisition advantage
  • Higher quality, faster deliverables
  • Minimal development resources
  • Fast failures (and successes)
  • Winning jobs and market share
  • Enhanced customer journey

Overall, US Inspect has seen a major increase in the accuracy of their reporting and visibility into daily operations. Even with over $664,000 + of productivity hours recovered every year, they are continually searching for new ways they can implement GoCanvas to save more time and money!

Ready to Rethink How You Work?

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