How Saluda Hill Landscapes Increased Communication and Visibility with GoCanvas

The Case for GoCanvas 

Saluda Hill Landscapes provides multi-level landscaping to Lexington, SC, and the surrounding areas. With multiple divisions covering both commercial and residential work, they stay busy all year round.  

When Bryanna Wooley came onto the team as the Marketing Coordinator, she was given the task to find a replacement to their stacks of paperwork. More than 45 work orders were being completed on paper weekly. With multiple departments, an abundance of forms, and managers in different locations, Saluda Hill needed a way to streamline the delivery of information to the right people.

When Bryanna was first tasked with finding a mobile solution, she felt completely overwhelmed until she came across GoCanvas, where she said she was amazed by how comprehensive everything was. Before GoCanvas, communication and organization was a challenge for Saluda Hill. Production managers were keeping track of information on notebooks they carried with them. To find pricing, production managers referenced a typed list kept in their trucks, used their memory, or made calls to the office. Their scheduling coordinator made a lot of phone calls to production managers and superintendents to get pre-site information and determine which lots were in fact ready to be on their schedule. Sometimes it was a hassle to track down forms due to them being misplaced or because they remained in the possession of a team member out in the field.

Benefits of Improved Communication

By working with a dedicated account manager and onboarding representative at GoCanvas, Bryanna was able to create the perfect solution that fits the business needs across all departments. Today with GoCanvas, production managers can complete forms on-site with the customers, send the information back to the office in real time, and immediately have the job go on the schedule. From there, pre-site variances, purchase orders, and post-sites were all completed in the same application for a smoother process.  

Saluda Hill Landscapes implemented GoCanvas this past Spring and is on track to see around $30,000 in savings. These savings have allowed them to avoid hiring another person whose main responsibility would be to perform the actions that can now be done with their current staff and GoCanvas. Production managers have also noticed several hours being saved each week with GoCanvas. On the admin side of the business, the scheduling coordinator has a clearer insight into the jobs to be scheduled and can easily access all information pertinent to doing her job.

Bryanna also mentioned that “we felt our managers were being spread too thin. But in reality, what they needed was a software like GoCanvas that increased communication and productivity, and allowed them to capture and send detailed reports right on their device.” Saluda Hill has plans to streamline their processes even further in the future through integrations and dispatch.

Saluda Hill Landscapes Case Study from GoCanvas

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