How Plymouth Electric Saved $121,700 in One Year with GoCanvas

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The Background

Since 1979, Plymouth Electric Inc. has been providing fast and reliable completion of all types of electrical jobs. Their professional team in Plymouth, NE is just as comfortable taking care of your home’s electric heaters as they are installing alarm systems in large commercial facilities. Plymouth Electric works across all industries to provide complete, premium quality electrical services. When it comes to perfectly completed electrical jobs, Plymouth Electric Inc. is an industry leader.

The Problem

Prior to GoCanvas, Plymouth Electric was similar to many other electrical contractors in the world today in that they did everything on paper. The use of paper was causing multiple issues in their business including inventory control issues, mistakes in recording accurate data on job sites, and hours of back-office data re-entry into their pre-existing database systems. These errors caused by paper forms were adding up serval hours per week of wasted time and productivity, which equaled thousands of dollars in lost revenues

The Solution

Last March, Plymouth Electric went live with the GoCanvas App in order to start taking back the hours they were losing due to their inefficient paper process. Plymouth chose GoCanvas, the global leader in mobile apps for business, because of the flexibility of the platform and its quick deployment structure. Beth Weishahn of Plymouth Electric commented that she
 “enjoyed that we have the ability to change and adapt our app. If something isn’t working, we can change it.”Electrical contractors like Plymouth can search from over 20,000 pre-built app templates in the GoCanvas Application store that can be completely customized with the online, drag-and-drop App Builder tool.  Using that same tool many businesses, like Plymouth Electric, elect to build their own from scratch. They decided to incorporate features like interactive checkboxes, digital signature capture, integrated customer/parts lists(via Excel), and auto-calculations. Other features include GPS capture, image capture, barcode scanning, and more.

After signing up for a free trial of GoCanvas, a Senior Consultant reached out to Beth and the team at Plymouth Electric to set up a client success call and ensure the project go off on the right foot. During this call, the team at GoCanvas analyzed the various business processes at Plymouth and identified where things could become more efficient. From there, the GoCanvas App platform could be customized to fit the exact processes identified during the success call and be tested by the entire Plymouth team!This was done within days with the use of GoCanvas’ powerful App Builder tool, which allows “citizen developers” to create their own apps to meet their specifications without any coding or techy language. The GoCanvas App was able to be created, deployed, and field tested in just a couple weeks.

The Outcomes

Plymouth Electric celebrated their one year anniversary of implementing GoCanvas in March. Over that time, they have been able to eliminate over 1,300 paperwork tickets by implementing the GoCanvas App. This has allowed them to clear up the issues bogging down their inventory reporting process and avoid wasting their in-office personnel’s time have to re-enter the data from paper back into their databases.

Plymouth also commented that the overall reduction of ordering and using paper forms has helped them save on their bottom line. Beth Weishahn commented that “Cutting paper helped save an additional $1,700 for the year.”

Since Plymouth Electric fully deployed the GoCanvas App in April 2015, they have seen a dramatic reduction in overall labor costs and increase in technician productivity.

  • Increase in Labor Efficiency – Since deploying the GoCanvas App, Plymouth has to be able to streamline their front and back-end data capture and storage processes. Now all the information comes back to the office in real-time as a secured PDF and is always available via the cloud for the technicians whenever they need it. They no longer have to right now everything with pen and paper, then drive it back to the office at the end of the day. “In fact, it’s been so efficient that we’ve saved approximately $475 per day in labor costs”, said Beth Weishahn.
  • Solving Inventory Control Issues – By using the GoCanvas App, all the data is able to flow smoothly from the field crews and into their back-office systems. No longer is there paper to bog down the process. Beth Weishahn of Plymouth Electric commented that “Honestly, GoCanvas was our solution to an inventory control problem. We went from having our work tickets as PDF’s to a real money saver in terms of efficiency and inventory accuracy.”
  • Getting Early Returns – Plymouth recently passed the one year mark of using GoCanvas and has seen dramatic returns on their investment. The savings have come from not only labor, but also productivity and material costs.
    Beth stated that “in labor cost alone our savings have been over $120k in the last year across 4 crews”.

Ready to Rethink How You Work?

GoCanvas has helped a variety of businesses across multiple industries transform their safety processes and rethink their efficiency, ultimately saving them money. Why not do the same? Reach out to one of our experts today to kickstart your process revolution.

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