How NRG Saved Over $20,000 by Switching to GoCanvas

The Background

NRG has grown from an energy generator to a global leader in the energy provider space. As NRG grew they needed a system that was capable of continually improving with their business. NRG had been using a company called GoFormz to help automate their data collection processes, but the GoFormz platform was difficult and hurting productivity.

The Problem

NRG’s field techs began resorting back to a pen and paper so they wouldn’t have to use the GoFormz platform. It wasn’t only difficult for the field techs though, office personnel reported that managing the platform took hours and a simple update could take weeks to implement. Jeff Sampeer from NRG realized that his teams needed a better way to collect and share data. 

The Solution

Jeff spoke with a representative at GoCanvas and decided that it was the perfect platform for automating their business processes.

Some of the first processes that NRG converted into mobile apps were their Lock Out Tag Outs (LOTO) form, Safety Audit, and inspections. Jeff was shocked to learn in just his first few app conversions how simple it was to create and customize. With these mobile forms, Jeff was able to deploy GoCanvas to his field technicians within days and begin seeing the impact. Reports were now able to be shared, reviewed, and retrieved in real-time.

Since then, they have created and deployed a variety of different mobile forms including:

  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Pre-Job Evaluation
  • Confined Space Permit
  • Audits

Jeff has continued to work closely with our team at GoCanvas to optimize the way NRG staff use GoCanvas by implementing required fields and reference data to eliminate manual data duplication.

“ What would have taken us a week and a half with GoFormz, takes all but a few hours with GoCanvas.” – Jeff Sampeer

Additionally, Jeff and his team have taken the steps to begin standardizing submission processes across their business. With each tech submitting their information over the GoCanvas platform data is consistent and important information isn’t lost.

The Outcomes

Since deploying GoCanvas, NRG has successfully developed and deployed multiple mobile form processes across the business. With GoCanvas, NRG is able to easily customize and dispatch any form within minutes. Features such as the ability to work offline allow for field techs in remote areas to make submissions.

Today NRG has further solidified their place as an industry leader by increasing their efficiency and improving the way they share information. In just a few months since deploying GoCanvas, NRG has saved countless dollars in productivity and have increased their efficiency by over 60%!

Ready to Rethink How You Work?

GoCanvas has helped a variety of businesses across multiple industries transform their safety processes and rethink their efficiency, ultimately saving them money. Why not do the same? Reach out to one of our experts today to kickstart your process revolution.

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