How Marko Petroleum Improved Data Accuracy with GoCanvas


  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • HQ Location: Augusta, Georgia


  • 10+ Hours Saved in Productivity Weekly
  • 20,000+ Submissions
  • Improved Accuracy and Safety within Their Business

The Case for GoCanvas

Marko Petroleum, established in 1927, is a family-owned business headquartered in Augusta, Georgia. They are in the hauling business and specialize in transporting ethanol that goes into gasoline to designated pipeline terminals.

Marty Koger, the owner of Marko Petroleum, began to grow the business by opening a new location in Charleston, South Carolina. With a new location came more trucks in his fleet and more loads for his drivers to complete. Marty knew with the growth of his business, and having a location that was three hours away from headquarters, he would need to find a better solution for data collection and communication with his drivers.

Finding a Solution that Could Grow with Their Business

Before finding GoCanvas, Marko Petroleum was using a very colorful schedule for drivers on Excel. Marty would take a picture of the schedule and text it to his drivers so they knew which loads they were doing that day. While trying to build out the business, Marty realized he needed to find a more efficient way to get these schedules to his drivers. After a quick google search, he came across GoCanvas and realized, “this is exactly what I’m looking for, and even more than I could have imagined.” With being such a niche company, he needed a platform that would allow customization and flexibility in his forms.

Today with GoCanvas, Marko Petroleum drivers receive the schedules of their loads that day through GoCanvas. They are able to fill out their bill of ladings and proof of deliveries through the platform and send it back to the office in real time. GoCanvas holds the drivers responsible for sending back accurate information, since this industry is all about safety and accuracy. Marty said, “Drivers hear it over and over again, safety and accuracy, and GoCanvas gives me that accuracy.”

Before GoCanvas, when information came back to the office, Marty would have to re-enter all the data back into QuickBooks, causing him to lose two hours each morning. Now with GoCanvas, the information is imported into Quickbooks through a CSV file, saving Marty many keystrokes and typos.

“Drivers hear it over and over again, safety and accuracy, and GoCanvas gives me that accuracy.”

– Marty Koger, Owner of Marko Petroleum

Improved Data Analytics

GoCanvas has helped Marko Petroleum manage their data in a quick and efficient way, allowing them to keep up with their large volume of jobs. With the ability to upload information automatically into Quickbooks, Marty has saved himself 10 hours a week in productivity. GoCanvas has also enabled them to streamline the job of an accounting and administrative person, saving them thousands of dollars in salaries.

Marty also mentioned that the customer service at GoCanvas has made this process much easier for Marko Petroleum, since he was able to ask specific questions and get answers every single time. They also are grateful for the business insights of GoCanvas. The ability to import information into a CSV file so they have a full overview of the data being collected has been very powerful for their company. Overall GoCanvas has helped to eliminate mistakes in an industry that can’t afford to skip on accuracy. According to Marty, “GoCanvas is a very important part of Marko Petroleum.”Ready to Rethink How You Work?

Ready to Rethink How You Work?

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