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Developed jointly by MR Technologists / Radiographers and the AegysPro-MRI team these digitized MRI Patient and Staff Screening Forms allow for automatic integration to enterprise EHR systems and ensures accreditation compliance.  Additional available applications include incident reporting applications for increased efficiency / safety, asset / equipment inventorying and MR Technologist / Radiologist competency applications.

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Creator: Aegys, LLC

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a powerful magnetic field to produce very clear images of the human body. When you are in the scan ro...

App Name

An adverse event or near miss event is when a safety procedure or practice is not executed properly. Systematic reporting of adverse events...

App Name

¿Está llevando a cabo una prueba de resonancia magnética (IRM) en un paciente? Utilice esta lista de control de riesgo de resonancia magnét...

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Before a staff member begins any MRI-related procedure, it's important they go over a safety screening checklist to make sure they have no ...

App Name

It's important for MRI staff members to meet performance expectations and accountabilities to demonstrate their understanding of MRI job sp...

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