How It Works

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Canvas makes it easy to publish custom mobile applications for your smartphone or tablet. With Canvas, you’ll:

  • get information in real time
  • eliminate data entry 
  • eradicate wasted time for your employees and customers. 

Our software service is comprehensive, empowering you to share information, create connections, and grow your business. Learn more about how Canvas works in this web guide or check out the video and more information below.  

How It Works In a Nutshell

Free Trial

Ready to get started? Sign up for our 30 day free trial, no credit card required. After 30 days, if you want to continue using Canvas, you can choose one of our service plans.

Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and Desktop

You can use Canvas on any mobile device. Canvas also works on any Windows phone and desktop computers.  

Customizing Your Apps

If you need one of our apps to do something different, you can change it yourself with your web browser.  With Canvas you are empowered to modify or create as many mobile apps as you want. And it doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. On average, our customers find they can publish a new mobile app in 15 minutes.

To learn more check out our free weekly webinar.

Web Reporting and Hosting

Once you collect information with your smartphone or tablet, the information is stored in a secure database on our servers. Use our web site to configure charts and graphs for dynamic, real-time reporting. Columns, lines and pie charts are supported today, and we’re continually adding new web reporting features.

With Canvas, you get a software update almost every month. All of the support, software updates, hosting, systems administration and network bandwidth you need are included in your service plan.

Sharing Data

Chances are you’ll want to use information from your mobile apps in other ways. You can easily export your data to an Excel file. You can also use this file to integrate Canvas with other software systems. If you want to integrate mobile information in real time, you can get your data via web services and XML. No programming necessary, either.

PDF Routing and Electronic Document Management

To make connections with your customers, employees and partners, you need to share information. Every time you use a Canvas app, send a PDF to whomever you want – in real time.

ROI Calculator

We founded our business to make mobile apps easy and affordable for every company and mobile professional. You pay only for what you use. Check out our ROI calculator to see what you’re saving by going paperless.

Help and Support

Stuck or need guidance? You can:


Thanks for trying Canvas!

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