Why Healthcare Companies Choose GoCanvas Mobile Apps

By andrew cantle on September 3, 2014

The healthcare industry has some of the most sophisticated technology in the world at its disposal. Machines straight out of Star Trek, that can scan you and tell you what’s going on inside your body; lasers that can pinpoint and fix injuries, all controlled by computer. It’s all extremely clever stuff when you think about it.

Ok it’s not quite as action packed, but the technology is still awesome. 

And yet, alongside these high-tech feats of modern engineering, we’re all still used to seeing paper and clipboards pulled out by medical staff when we pay a visit to hospitals, clinics etc. Data collection just doesn’t seem to have kept up with the pace of change that diagnostics and surgery have achieved.

But things are changing. At GoCanvas, where we enable businesses to say goodbye to paperwork and easily switch their processes onto smartphones and tablets, we’re seeing a flood of healthcare companies sign up recently. Thanks to our large library of customizable business app templates, clinics, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals have started to roll out GoCanvas apps across their organizations to quickly reap the rewards of speed, productivity and efficiency.

Many are deploying GoCanvas across multiple departments, so the ways that healthcare companies use GoCanvas is many and varied.

In the US for example, we have clinics that use GoCanvas to collect customer data, and then easily send it to back-end systems, before using it to update the GoCanvas app so that the user has the most timely information to hand when dealing with patients.

Need a patient’s medical history? There’s an app for that.

In Australia, we have a nursing company that uses GoCanvas apps to collect info as its nurses travel from city to city to administer standard inoculation injections. With less paperwork, GoCanvas enables the nurses to see more patients each day, and as the company is paid by how many patients they can treat, this boost in productivity has an instant impact of revenues! The added benefit here is that GoCanvas also works out of mobile network coverage so given the size of Australia, if required the nurses can simply upload all their information the next time they’re in coverage.

Of course one of the benefits of having all this information digitally is that companies can use it to analyze trends more easily. In the past, records were paper-based so couldn’t easily be pulled into software packages so that management could use it for business planning purposes. GoCanvas makes this kind of number crunching an easy reality.

And if you’re addicted to stats, here’s the top 3 uses of GoCanvas in the healthcare industry today:


  • Work orders: 30.4%
  • Invoices: 20.5%
  • Checklists: 12.5%



One of the reasons that GoCanvas is popular in the healthcare industry is because we are HIPAA compliant. This means that GoCanvas apps have been built to conform to US regulations around patient data security. GoCanvas has a series of security rules and functions in place to ensure patient data is secure.

Going mobile brings a whole new set of risks, HIPAA being one of them. Photo credit: paulswansen via photopin cc

In the end, this story isn’t really about technology at all. It’s about the positive impacts we can achieve when we put it to good use. In the case of the healthcare industry, giving medical professionals the ability to use their smartphones and tablets to quickly capture and record details about their patients means they can deliver better service. It’s good for them and great for the customer!

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