Three Ways GoCanvas Helps with Safety Toolbox Talks

By GoCanvas Team on September 15, 2022

Safety should be the number one priority of every construction company. Daily safety meetings and toolbox talks are integral to educating workers on best work practices and staying compliant with regulations for every job and project.

Regular safety toolbox talks, sometimes referred to as daily briefings or tailgate meetings, are a great way to reinforce safety basics, introduce new policies, and inform workers about changes to the jobsite and working conditions that may have occurred since their last shift. These daily meetings can also serve as a means to provide training on new rules in order to stay up to date with state and federal OSHA standards.

But toolbox talks also come with daily challenges. Collecting attendance and capturing meeting notes from multiple worksites is daunting. Plus, you’ve got the headache of making sure the details of federal or state regulations are communicated consistently across several locations. You also need to be able to document all of these details and provide reports that all of your employees have been properly informed to ensure compliance with the standards of every project.

Fortunately, GoCanvas Safety has the solutions to each of the problems that plague your crew for safety toolbox talks.


With GoCanvas Safety, your team can complete safety documentation from any mobile phone or tablet. Using required attendance logs, you can collect the names and IDs of every employee at each worksite to ensure they are present for the latest safety information. Plus, you can capture details related to the jobsite location, project manager, as well as date and time stamps for every briefing.

An integrated signature capture field means you can have employees verify their attendance and you can collect signatures from your foreman and any safety representative who makes an onsite visit, ensuring compliance measures are met for every meeting.


Every day on a jobsite brings new challenges. GoCanvas Safety helps your supervisors and safety managers deliver consistent messaging at every meeting. Required fields and checklists ensure that the proper information is conveyed and collected for every toolbox talk, so they don’t have to scramble to keep their crews informed and safe.


Monitoring the delivery of policy and regulation details across multiple worksites is a struggle. Not only do you have to decipher handwritten paper forms, but you have to hope that any details are not missed as they are input into your home system. 

GoCanvas Safety means no more waiting for paper forms from daily briefings to be returned at the end of the day or managing documents from multiple worksites. 

Analytics Dashboards remove the hours-long wait times for daily reports. With real-time visibility of your current Certification Programs (including expiration dates and IDs) and active incident reporting, you can quickly share safety program data with customers, fulfilling SLA requirements so you can get jobs done faster while keeping your team safe.

Looking to streamline your safety data collection and ensure compliance from your toolbox talks? With GoCanvas Safety, you have real-time visibility into your safety program and can quickly share results with customers with the click of a button. Click here to learn more!