The Secret to Faster, More Accurate and Cheaper Workplace Inspections

By katie simpson on July 1, 2014

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Keeping your workplace safe is fundamental for your ability to thrive. OSHA reports that employers pay $1 billion per week in direct compensation alone. Beyond the direct costs of compensation payments, medical bills, and legal services businesses also have to pay for indirect costs as well. Business have to train replacement employees, investigate the accident, implement corrective measures, and struggle with loss productivity.

Your company tries to avoid these heavy costs with many measures, including workplace inspections. But if you’re using paper forms, you could be spending thousands of hours on unnecessary work. Here are a few reasons why a mobile app will protect your company and improve your bottom line:

Mobile Workplace Inspections are Faster

Workplace inspections take time. Your inspection can be pages long, requiring looking at the electrical use, emergency exits, even inspecting equipment for any possible hazards. Worse, if you need visuals, you could be carrying not only paper and clipboard but also a camera.

Not only do you have to take the time fill out these forms by hand, you also have to wait hours or days for these workplace inspections to return to your office, if they return at all. PWC reported that up to 11% of documents are misfiled or lost. Losing up to 11% of your inspections not only wastes your employees’ time and effort, it also puts your company at legal risk.

Switching to a mobile app for workplace inspections allows you to collect the same information in a fraction of the time paper requires. With a mobile app you can use drop down lists, prepopulate information from your own database such as location, or equipment type. Many smartphones and tablets also allow voice to text abilities. Your workers speak into their device, and it takes down the notes!

More than faster inspections on site, your office will receive the information in real time. Every mobile workplace inspection is sent immediately to the cloud. There you can download it as a PDF, Excel or CSV file. With API integration, you can even ensure that this information is immediately sent to your database.

What are the benefits for your company?

Your compliance process that once took days now can occur in minutes.

Mobile Workplace Inspections are More Accurate

When it comes to safety and compliance: getting it right matters. Some of the most common injuries are from slipping and falling or electrocution, or repetitive motions. It only takes one oversight for something to happen.

More than missing workplace inspections, paper creates various opportunities for errors or missing information. You can underline, bold, and remind your employees ten times about the required fields. But with paper, it’s easy for an employee to skip over fields, leaving you with gaps in your knowledge (and where you’ve pulled out your hair).

Also: how often have forms returned with errors? It happens at every company. Employees mix up with equipment to report in which part of the form. Or they might misunderstand a question. Human error is a part of life.

However, every error costs your business. At best you have to waste time finding your employee and jogging their memory. At worst you could miss an important safety hazard.

Mobile workplace inspections improve accuracy in a variety of ways. For one, you can make certain fields required. Even if your employees skip the required fields in their workplace inspections, they won’t be able to submit the inspection. Only after the required fields are finished will they be allowed to submit the form. Thus, your company can enjoy fully complete information, every time.

Mobile inspections also reduce error. With clear text there’s less room for ambiguity. In addition, checkboxes and different types of value fields ensure you get the type of answer you want. If you’re supposed to get a number between 1-5, you can make an integer box. This will force your employees to use a number instead of entering “good”.

GoCanvas also offers features to help ensure further accuracy. Barcode scanning can populate the accurate equipment information. You could also use your own equipment information to prepopulate a value list. Instead of having to write down the equipment information, your employee can choose from a list of options. These features not only make your inspections faster but also more accurate.

A mobile will allow you to spend less time on training and more time enjoying a safe and secure work space.

Mobile Workplace Inspections are Cheaper

This may seem counterintuitive. You think you need to buy technology, create a mobile app, and transition your employees to a whole new system. Paper forms upfront seem like the cheaper option.

The cost of paper forms though, adds up in the long run. Paper forms cost you in time: the long slow process of getting a form back to your office; the extra time spent on data entry; the limited information you can capture on paper.

Even storing paper costs you money: The average filing cabinet costs around $2,000 a year. How many does your company have? 2? 3? That’s thousands of dollars being drained from your bottom line.

Mobile apps don’t have to be expensive. Some services, like GoCanvas, allow you to use a variety of devices. Our mobile app is compatible on smartphones, tablets, even laptops! Whether you use the iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the benefits of a mobile app.

The time savings benefits of switching to a mobile app can be seen in thousands of dollars of labor costs. Some examples include:

The time savings you get by switching to a mobile workplace inspection add up. Instead of spending hours on ensuring safety, your employees can do other tasks. In the same amount of time for the same amount of money (or less) you’ll get more done.

If you’re in a high risk industry, workplace inspections are a part of the job. They help to keep your employees safe and productive. Paper processes, though, are hurting your business. A switch to mobile apps will make your inspections faster, more accurate, and help keep your workplace safer. With real time information you’ll spend less time and money on getting inspections done, and free up your week for work that grows your business.

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