How industry Leader, Recology, Streamlined Quality Control Procedures & Saved $10K in 4 Months

By Kassidi Koronkowski on July 5, 2018

Wasting Less Time & Money with Mobile Technology


  • Industry: Resource Recovery, Waste Management
  • HQ Location: San Francisco, California
  • Website: Visit Here

Quick Facts

  • Created & deployed 30+ mobile forms
  • Savings of $10,000 in paper costs since deployment
  • Over 5,000 mobile forms submitted in 4 months

Making the World, and their Business, a Better Place

Since the 1920’s, Recology has been a pioneer in the resource recovery industry. Promoting recycling, composting, and various other waste-decreasing programs, Recology have become a major influencer of industry standards. Consisting of 60 operating companies with 3,000+ employees, Recology has become a leader in collecting and processing solid waste while reclaiming useful materials that would have otherwise been buried in landfills.

While Recology was experiencing unbelievable growth as a company, they still found themselves seeking a solution to improve their internal data collection processes. After decades of using paper-based inspections, Recology decided it was time to convert their safety and operations paperwork into mobile forms with GoCanvas.

Within these departments, Recology had a number of forms they were looking to standardize and automate including:

  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Accident Reports
  • Facility Safety Inspections

At the same time, Recology’s Sustainability team was also working with GoCanvas to design specific mobile forms to help digitize their quality control procedures. Eric Ahnmark, Recology’s Sustainability Program Manager, worked with GoCanvas to design and deploy quality control centric apps to fit their various needs. These apps enabled Recology to quickly capture data on their smart devices and have it automatically be formatted in professional-looking PDF reports.

GoCanvas is a solution that is flexible, robust, and mobile!”

– Eric Ahnmark

Additionally, Eric, and his team have taken the steps to begin standardizing apps across their entire business – helping Recology to create company-wide data dashboards that will allow for the tracking of contamination sources and much more!

Realizing the Benefits of Going Mobile 

Since deploying GoCanvas just over 4 months ago, Recology has successfully developed and deployed over 30 mobile form processes across their 60+ operating companies.

With GoCanvas, Recology is now able to easily organize and manage data across their different operational locations with the assistance of GoCanvas Departments. This feature allows large, multi-location/department organizations like Recology to create sub-sections within their main GoCanvas account that can be managed by specially assigned users. Within these departments, Recology has created App Folders that allows field technicians to easily access the specific mobile forms they need for their job.

Today Recology has further solidified their place as an industry leader by increasing their data visibility and improving the way they share data with their customers. In just a few months since deploying GoCanvas, Recology has saved just over $10,000 and have increased their productivity by 19%!

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