How Garden Grove Landscaping Improved Operational Efficiency by 50% with Mobile Forms

By keith bateman on July 13, 2017

Trimming Inefficiency within the Landscaping Industry

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  • Industry: Landscaping Management & Construction
  • HQ Location: Waterdown, Ontario
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Quick Facts

  • Recover $12,000 in paper costs annually
  • Return on investment of $75,800 in first 18 months
  • Mobile forms: Time Tracker, Work Order, Fuel Log & more!

Slowdowns Caused by Paper

David Lammers, President of Garden Grove Landscaping, approached GoCanvas looking for a solution to their “data overflow” needs. Garden Grove was really beginning to scale as a business, acquiring new clients and more paperwork, but this explosive growth was also hurting them as well. They quickly realized that the massive amount of data they were collecting from their numerous job sites was now taking even longer to receive, organize, and analyze. In simple terms, their manual paper process was actually slowing down the business and causing them to become less efficient as they acquired more clients.

David knew that Garden Grove needed a better way to collect, share and learn from their data and that a platform like GoCanvas could provide the tools for his employees to have the real-time access to information that they so critically needed.

Streamlining Daily Operations with Mobile Forms

The Senior Mobile App Consultants worked with David and the team at Garden Grove Landscaping to ensure they understood which processes were the most inefficient, and what key areas of the business were being most affected.

David and his team decided to take a more holistic approach. They took anything they did on paper and turned it into a mobile process within the GoCanvas platform. The goal was to have a single place where their employees could go to collect data, review reports, or share information in real-time. This has ultimately led to the creation of over 10 different types of mobile forms across 5 different operational departments. It has also led to the implementation of the GoCanvas Dispatch and Workflow tools, which allows for the Garden Grove office staff to conveniently create, track, and assign tasks to their mobile field workers.

Check out the list below for examples of the types of mobile forms that Garden Grove has created and implemented for their team thus far:

  • Heavy Equipment Inspections
  • Fuel Logs
  • Vehicle Circle Checks
  • Incident Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Quality Control Reports
  • Site Evaluation

The Results Are In

After just a year of creating, testing and deploying the GoCanvas platform to their team, Garden Grove Landscaping has already seen amazing results.  “(Today) we’re able to complete worksheets in 30 minutes. Before it took us 3 hours. It’s saving us about $1,000 a month in time and paper costs”, said David Lammers, President of Garden Grove Landscaping.

David and his team have truly embraced the GoCanvas platform and the ability to build out their own processes without the need of IT support or coding knowledge. This has enabled them to build out a mobile form for every one of their processes and to grow their business without the fear of losing efficiency. In fact, David and his team are currently looking at even more ways they can integrate GoCanvas into their back office operations including a direct integration with QuickBooks.

But the biggest benefit of implementing GoCanvas has been the confidence that it gives the Garden Grove employees. They no longer have to worry about losing a paper form or filling in the wrong information. All the data needed to complete their job is now in the palm of their hand, and that is what David truly loves about using GoCanvas.  

“I start this business on my bicycle. I did invoices by hand. It is great to see the success of our company and the tools like GoCanvas can empower our employees.”

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