NRWA Launches Partnership and Application Store with GoCanvas!

By Michael Benedict on June 20, 2013

The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) is the nation’s largest water and wastewater utility membership association with over 31,000 members. The NRWA has a strong history of grassroots advocacy that ensures increased funds are available to their members from the USDA, EPA, State Revolving Loan Funds and other agencies and private entities. They also provide technical training to over 100,000  people annually, including going on-site to assist utilities in all areas of operation, management, finance, and governance.  Their members are stewards of very capital intensive equipment that handles drinking and waste water, and they have to complete numerous forms to monitor, inspect and analyze these complex water infrastructures.  The NRWA wanted to help its members complete these vital inspection tasks using the very latest technologies available vs. traditional pen and paper, and partnered with GoCanvas to develop and deploy a mobile data capture solution in less than 3 weeks.

One of the first things GoCanvas and the NRWA developed and launched was the Rural Water Application Store, which contains 87 of the most commonly used forms by rural water utilities.  NRWA members can visit the Store, find the water utility app they need and immediately use the water utility apps and go paperless in minutes. But the NRWA didn’t just want to just replicate the paper forms members were using – they wanted to use the power of GoCanvas and mobile technology to make the types of information captured far more robust. Each NRWA water utility app comes with GPS tracking, which inserts a Google Map into the report. Furthermore, in those apps where mathematical calculations are required, these are now done using formulas already built in the app vs. members having to manually calculate all the data, saving valuable time.  All information captured in these water utility apps can be integrated with backend software systems and databases, eliminating manual data reentry – a big headache.

Some of the water utility apps available in the Rural Water Application Store include Process Monitoring, Water Loss ReportsMonthly Storage Tank Inspection Logs, Water District Inventory Controls, Lead Copper Testing Results, Monthly DBP-MRDL Chlorine Residual Measurements Report and many, many more.  There are also state-specific apps for Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Montana, New York, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. There is no limit on the number of apps you can download.

Several NRWA state organizations have already implemented GoCanvas, including Georgia, Missouri, and Utah.  Tal Woodall of the Georgia Rural Water Association summed up his experience with GoCanvas as “Canvas has been great to work with, they’re always quick to respond whenever I have an issue.”

GoCanvas will be presenting at the NRWA’s Annual In-Service Training Event next week in Colorado Springs.

All of the NRWA’s apps come with a FREE trial.  Experience the convenience of completing your forms as mobile apps right on your mobile device by Signing Up today!