How Karl Storz Saved $115K Since Switching to GoCanvas

By keith bateman on September 19, 2016

Increasing Client Satisfaction Through Technology

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GoCanvas Apps Used

  • Field Service Report
  • Internal Quality Control Form
  • Customer Acknowledgment Form
  • 10+ More mobile forms


  • 650 Hours in productivity saved annually
  • $3,731 Saved in paper costs per year
  • $115,000 Total savings since implementing GoCanvas


Karl Storz – Endoskope, founded in 1945 and headquartered in Germany, is a global manufacturer and distributor of endoscopes, medical instruments, and devices. For the past 70+ years, Karl Storz has been servicing the healthcare industry across the globe with their top of the line medical equipment.

But like any company that has been around for almost 8 decades, Karl Storz found themselves holding onto some of the processes of the past. The most problematic of these processes was the act of collecting data with paper. Paper was causing them to run into issues including hours being spent on data re-entry, slow invoicing times, lost or unreadable forms, and the inability to retrieve reports in real-time.


When working with the team at Karl Storz, it was important to fully scope out the process and departments that were being most affected by the slow data collection methods. It was recognized and decided that the Project Management team was being the most affected in their daily work lives and needed a better way to manage/complete their inspections, checklists, and customer-facing documents.

Overall, we identified that the biggest challenges that Karl Storz was facing included the ability to properly manage projects, processing client invoices in a timely manner, and having the ability to review/share reports in real-time. To address these issues, it was important to develop a platform that would encompass all the processes and functionality that were currently missing from their paper-based process. This would include the implementation of features like Dispatch, App Folders, Reference data, and more.


A little over a year ago, Karl Storz went live with GoCanvas in order to replace the out-dated data collection processes that were stunting the growth of their business. Karl Storz chose GoCanvas, the global leader in mobile apps for businesses, because of the platform’s ease of use, superior features, and excellent account support. This has led to a mass adoption of mobile technology throughout the business and a full deployment of GoCanvas to their facilities.

“We are getting documents completed faster and more accurately (with GoCanvas)”, remarked Ericka Flores, Karl Storz.

After GoCanvas

Since implementing GoCanvas, Karl Storz has seen a huge impact on their organization. With their process now digitized, Karl Storz is now saving 3 hours per workday by using GoCanvas. With those extra three hours per day, operatorsRead the Case Study! can now spend time focusing on things that will make the company more money! And since all the information is collected on their mobile device and automatically transferred to their secured GoCanvas cloud database, there are no longer lost or incomplete forms. Managers now retrieve and review forms in real-time, and invoicing can begin right away. 


  • Increasing Organization –  Karl Storz has created over 15+ different mobile processes since fully deploying GoCanvas. To help their employees complete the right forms, Karl Storz has utilized the “App Folders” functionality of GoCanvas to help organize everything. They can name these folders by process or project, and place specific mobile forms in these folders to access when they are on their mobile devices or the website. And on the backend, they can now search and export data based on each folder.
  • Read the Case Study! Increasing Productivity –  Since implementing GoCanvas, Karl Storz is now able to track everything within their business. Everything from inspections, checklists, industry compliance forms, and even customer acknowledgment reports have been turned into mobile forms that can be filled out and shared right from their mobile device. In turn, this has decreased the time it takes to capture, share and analyze all this data on a daily basis. Overall, it has increased their productivity by up to 34%.

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