HVAC Businesses Flock to GoCanvas for Customized HVAC Apps

By Jason Good on January 14, 2013

I came across the latest edition of IE3 (Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency), the publication put out by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), and it made me think of all of the HVAC companies we work with here at GoCanvas.  The cover boldly states: Resistance to Change is Holding Your Business Hostage.  Our HVAC subscribers are definitely NOT resistent to change! They have customized their own invoice apps, work order apps, estimate apps, time card apps and more in order to streamline their businesses saving valuable time and money (And trees!).

By now everyone knows that if you stand still then your competition will pass you by.  There was an article in this edition about the value of using smartphones and apps, too.  It is appropriately called Smartphones and Apps…Get on or Get Left Behind.  So HVAC industry, let me introduce you to GoCanvas!

GoCanvas helps HVAC businesses by allowing them to replace their paper forms (work orders, invoices, estimates, maintenance checklists, time cards and anything else that is being done on paper!) with mobile apps that are tailored to how they do business.  Our Application Store is filled with pre-built apps based on common forms used by HVAC businesses.  All of these apps can be customized by our subscribers with our powerful App Builder.

Once you have an app customized and functioning, it is easy to fill it while on the job.  Each time you fill it out, GoCanvas can generate a PDF with all of your data on it and that can be sent off to your client or back to your office via email.  You can customize the PDF so it contains your logo and company contact information.  You can also capture signatures and insert pictures into your PDF.  Or even dispatch jobs to your technicians by pre-populating a service ticket with the customer’s address and a description of the problem.  Your technician can fill out the rest of the ticket including entering all of the line items for parts and labor to calculate a price for the services rendered.

We agree with IE3!  Time to get on board.   We are confident that you’ll never go back to paper once you try GoCanvas!

Learn more about the Air Conditioner Contractors of America at their website or their Facebook page.