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How Van Diest Supply Company Saved over $200,000 in Paper Costs Alone

By Hayden Clinard on December 18, 2019


  • Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution
  • HQ Location: Webster City, Iowa
  • Website: Visit Here


  • $228,429 Annual Paper Savings
  • $162,545 Annual Savings in Productivity
  • 150,000+ Submissions


The Case for GoCanvas

Van Diest Supply Co is a family-owned business that was started in 1956 out of Webster City, Iowa. They are an industry leader in producing and distributing crop protection chemicals. With over 700 employees, the company includes 20 plants and 17 distribution centers. 

Adanga Biddle-Roush, the Assistant Director of Health & Safety, first looked into using GoCanvas for training purposes. However since implementing the platform, they have expanded it for all of their daily, weekly, semiannual and annual inspections. Adanga mentioned, “I can’t even estimate the time it took to put together a report from paper data and now it’s at our fingertips in minutes.”


“I can’t even estimate the time it took to put together a report from paper data and now it’s at our fingertips in minutes.”

-Adanga Biddle-Roush


Before discovering GoCanvas, everything at Van Diest Supply Co was done on paper forms. There was an overwhelming amount of data that needed to be collected across forms such as incident reports, production reports, daily attendance, safety talks, supply requests and work orders. With the processes they had in place, Van Diest knew they needed a more effective way to collect this information, so they turned to GoCanvas for help. 

Today, with GoCanvas, work orders are submitted to maintenance supervisors for approval and then sent to maintenance workers, who are able to get the assignments on their tablet. When a job is completed, it goes back to be approved and then is stored in the cloud. The ability to upload information in real time and streamline communication between supervisors and maintenance workers has been able to save Van Diest Supply Co time in productivity.

Collecting Actionable Data

Van Diest Supply Co has since moved away from paper and is fully utilizing GoCanvas for all of their paperwork. Adanga mentioned, “Going paperless is so freeing! And your information is available, organized, and can be used in multiple formats.” Now all of the information collected is stored in the cloud and dumped into an Excel spreadsheet. Having everything in Excel allows them to gain insights into their data from any specific time range. This comes in handy when auditors request inspections or maintenance records.

Since implementing GoCanvas, Van Diest Supply Co has noticed a huge difference in their productivity. Just in this calendar year, they have tracked $228,429 in paper savings as well as $162,545 in productivity savings. Adanga said, “The value is priceless and I can’t imagine doing business any other way. It has really helped our business keep up with the pace of the industry.”