How Small Businesses Save Time with Android Business Apps

By Stuart Kelly on April 15, 2014

One of the biggest cost to any business? Unproductive time. Why are people unproductive? Some people may not work hard. Often though, processes hold them back.

Today, we have the technology to use our time more wisely. Smartphones let us connect to the office anywhere, anytime. On top of our phones and tablets, mobile apps also makes so much sense in business. We use them everyday to connect with friends, buy stuff online, manage our banking etc. Bringing the same efficiencies to business can save you and your colleagues valuable time. So how can business apps for Android actually save your business time?

Share Information Faster

Photo credit: aussiegall via photopin cc

Collect it, capture it, save it, send it. No longer does the human need to travel with the information to make it available elsewhere. One plumber reduced their sales cycle from 17 days to 3.

Eliminate Rework

Typos, illegible handwriting, missing fields and bad calculations: these are just some of the ways companies get bad information. Android business apps reduce error rates significantly. Required fields, typed text, calculations are just some of the ways business apps ensure accuracy and receive the best information the first time!

Quick Turnaround

With an Android phone and business app, means you can know where your staff are when something needs to be done urgently.  With a light dispatch, you can send notifications alerting them quickly on where to go and what needs to happen. For important issues, this can save precious time and deliver happier customers!

Business Data at Your Fingertips

The average employee spends 30-40% of their time looking for information such as parts books, or catalogues to complete a task. With Android business apps, you can upload this information to pre-populate forms for quotes, inventories, or inspections. Wherever your employees are, you can make critical business information available.

GoCanvas can deliver all these time-saving benefits for your business. You can be up a running in just a few days.