How JFN Integrated Solutions Took Their Business Paperless

By Hayden Clinard on October 31, 2019


  • Industry: Fire & Safety
  • HQ Location: Preston, England
  • Website: Visit Here


  • 20+ Forms Used in GoCanvas
  • 6,500+ Submissions
  • Quicker Communication with Customers


The Case for GoCanvas

JFN Integrated Solutions, headquartered in Preston, is a family-owned company that was established in 2016. They specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of Fire, Life Safety, Security and Communication systems across the UK. JFN prides themselves on their ability to meet specific requirements and providing a high standard of customer service.

The company was at its beginning stages when Chris Keeny, one of the directors at JFN, came across GoCanvas. He knew from the very beginning that JFN didn’t want to use paper in their process, however, they had “many and lots” of forms that were going to need to be filled out. When asked why he was looking into a solution like GoCanvas, he responded, “to ensure no paper was being used, we were looking for an innovative online solution.”


Creating Their Data Collection Process with a Digital Solution

JFN came to GoCanvas knowing they wanted to avoid paperwork altogether and start their business processes off with a digital solution. They already had multiple forms they needed to automate including job dockets, compliance certificates, and specialist bespoke reports. 

Since they were beginning this process without a paper form proof of concept, they needed to build out these forms from scratch. They were able to use the easy drag and drop GoCanvas App Builder to create their ideal forms. With just a few mouse clicks, they could test and move fields around to ensure the data being collected was organized in the most efficient way.  

JFN has always been tech-savvy by using other CRM systems that are critical for business continuity and standardization. So when it came to the data collection process, it only made sense to digitize it. “We do most of our reporting on GoCanvas because it’s so easy to use, an absolute dream to write special reports,” said Chris. He also mentioned that features, such as photo capture, submission downloads, and the ability to distribute data easily, have been much more robust than anything he saw from other solutions.

“We do most of our reporting on GoCanvas because it’s so easy to use, an absolute dream to write special reports.”

-Chris Keeney

The Benefits of GoCanvas

Since JFN started their company journey digitizing their key forms and processes with GoCanvas and never even used paperwork, they immediately were able to reap the rewards from collecting data digitally. Chris mentioned, “our biggest benefit is the service we give to a vast amount of customers who want reports within a short time frame.” 

GoCanvas gave JFN the ability to not only communicate with their staff quicker, but to also expedite communication with their customers. This has enabled JFN to build customer loyalty and retention, beyond what they would have seen by using slow paperwork. Today JFN uses GoCanvas for over 20 forms, and they have had over 6,500 submissions within their account. They hope to one day be able to integrate GoCanvas with their CRM systems in the future to better automate their full data collection process from start to end.

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