From Restrooms to Parking Lots: Cleanliness Counts in Retail

By Michael Benedict on October 15, 2015

Retailers: Use Mobile to Ace Inspections and Improve Store AppearanceNo matter how low your prices or how good your customer service, your sales will suffer if your store’s cleanliness and organization are poor. This holds true not just in main display areas, but in utilitarian areas like parking lots and especially bathrooms. The fact is, your customers notice everything — and make decisions about where to shop based on what they see. In fact, a survey found that 95 percent of customers consider outside appearances when determining where to shop, and 52 percent would avoid a store because of a dirty appearance from the outside. Stores that serve food or food products are under special scrutiny — some 86 percent of adults said they equate the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchen.

So even if you’re keeping up with the cleanliness of your business in the obvious places, how do you also make sure to stay on top of the condition of the bathrooms, parking lot, and sidewalks? Here are some tips and ideas for how mobile forms can help you get the job done.  

  • Make an inspection schedule. It should clearly indicate who is responsible for looking in on these areas to ensure someone is accountable for their upkeep. When your staff  completes an inspection, a mobile inspection checklist can help ensure each area gets a thorough review. And with mobile forms, employees can’t skip over the unappealing portions of the job. Required fields guarantee that every step of the job gets covered, and all the data logged gets stored in the cloud. Employees can even document any damage and immediately submit a repair order.
  • Pay special attention to parking lots and bathrooms during busy times when customer traffic is high. You might even consider increasing the number of checks you do each day for those high-volume periods. The more people coming into your store, the more people going in and out of the bathrooms and parking lot.
  • Post signs that tell your customers that you care about cleanliness and you want to be alerted if something is amiss. Customers will feel more comfortable speaking up when they see something that should be addressed.
  • Set cleanliness goals for your staff and reward them accordingly. A system of bonuses or incentives can help — teams that consistently ensure clean bathrooms could receive recognition by way of a gift card or free lunch, etc.

By paying the same amount of attention to your business’s utilitarian areas, you’ll ensure that customers continue to visit and enjoy shopping in comfort — and safety. They’ll even spend more time in-store if surroundings are tidy and fresh-smelling, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

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Use Mobile to Enhance Safety, Update Inventory, & Boost the Bottom Line

Retailers: Use Mobile to Ace Inspections and Improve Store Appearance

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