Five Ways Safety Management Software Can Help Your Business

By Chip Phillips on November 4, 2020

Consistent Documentation

Every day on a jobsite brings different challenges and risks. It is important that no matter the circumstances, your crew is being provided consistent messaging as well as capturing consistent information.

Safety management software helps your team maintain consistency in delivering and documenting data. Standardized forms with required fields and established checklists ensure that the proper information is conveyed and collected for every situation. 

Safety software also helps with accuracy, so when the same tasks are repeated, workers can focus on the procedure without forgetting key pieces of information.

Remote Access 

There are times when your teams will have to report to multiple locations, or be spread out across massive worksites. This presents a challenge to make sure the latest safety forms and regulations are distributed in a timely manner.

With many safety software solutions, your crew can get the latest versions of necessary forms on their mobile devices or company tablets. Workers can rapidly complete incident or hazard reports and send them directly to your office systems, so you can keep your team aware and safe.

Efficient and Streamlined Reporting

So much time is wasted trying to collect paper forms from various jobsites, not to mention the amount of effort needed to decipher, catalog, and report on data from multiple sources. 

With the right safety management software, you won’t lose time to waiting for paper forms from daily briefings to be returned at the end of the day or managing documents from multiple worksites. Any standard forms completed by your team can be immediately sent via the safety software, which means you can store and track important data in a single system. 

Improved Compliance

When it comes to keeping your team safe, it is vital that workers stay up-to-date on the latest OSHA regulations and compliance issues. As you are sharing this information, it is also important to be able to confirm and track who has attended daily briefings, completed certifications, and other safety program milestones.

Safety management software often includes required attendance logs, so you can collect the names and IDs of every employee at each worksite to ensure they are present for the latest daily briefings and toolbox talks. Plus, you can capture details related to the jobsite location, project manager, as well as date and time stamps for every briefing.

Digital safety forms can also include an integrated signature capture field, which means you can have employees verify their attendance and you can collect signatures from your foreman and any safety representative who makes an onsite visit, ensuring compliance measures are met for every situation.

Increased Customer and Employee Confidence

When workers know that their safety is a priority within your business, worksite morale inevitably goes up. Your crew and contractors want to know that their well-being is an important aspect of daily operations. 

Safety management software ensures that your team is informed of the latest potential risks and related precautions, so they know how to stay safe and have confidence that their safety is a priority. 

Using safety software can also provide real-time visibility of your current Certification Programs (including expiration dates and IDs) and active incident reporting. You can quickly share safety program data with customers, fulfilling SLA requirements so you can get jobs done faster while keeping your team safe.

Looking for a safety management software that will provide these benefits to your team? GoCanvas Safety includes pre-built digital forms so you can streamline your planning and ensure that you collect accurate and complete information for every job. Customizable reports and turn-key dashboards mean you can regularly audit and update your safety program, so you can focus on the human factors to keep your team safe. Learn more here.