5 Ways GoCanvas Analytics Enables Data-Driven Decision Making

By GoCanvas Team on February 22, 2023

Today, market leaders know it’s not enough to access accurate and reliable data. No matter how in-depth, data is meaningless if you cannot effectively interpret it and generate valuable insights. 

In this article, we’ll explore five ways GoCanvas Analytics helps you turn data you’re already collecting into actionable insights that enable your business to save time and money, increase safety and compliance, and improve your business processes.

     1. Automated Data Collection and Analysis

Sifting through and decluttering large amounts of data to uncover trends and anomalies is overwhelming. GoCanvas Analytics removes the hassles of analysis by using the data you’re already collecting to visualize what’s happening throughout your business in real time, along with reports and alerts that are easy to share with your organization.

Better yet, dashboard views and reporting metrics can be tailored to your needs, so you can drill down into one facet of your business or keep track of everything in a high-level view, all with the click of a button.

     2. A Comprehensive Toolkit to Help You Dive Deeper

For many industries, new information can arrive without warning. A sudden spike in safety-related incidents or an influx of new sales can change a trend at the drop of a hat. Having the right analytics tools in place enables you to take control of this information and make informed decisions without relying on manual back-end workflows that take days to process.

GoCanvas Analytics gives you the keys to successfully discover, interpret, and share new insights and knowledge gained from your data. Whether you’re viewing real-time data on a live dashboard or exporting reports, this tool reduces inter-departmental reliance, resulting in more time saved and less administrative work.

     3. Automated Email Alerts and Reports

Active alerts are just as important as regular reporting. This is especially true when viewed through the lens of safety and compliance, where it’s vital to monitor safety incidents, equipment maintenance, and workplace inspections.

Along with sending scheduled reports, GoCanvas Analytics can automatically send email alerts based on changes in your data. If a metric reaches a specific threshold, like the number of safety incidents or failed inspections, a notification can be sent to anyone who needs it so that you can keep a pulse on your business.

     4. Analytics Tailored to Your Business Needs 

As you identify new problems you wish to solve and questions you want to answer for your business, you may discover new metrics you want to explore. 

GoCanvas Analytics has the flexibility and functionality to help evolve your data as your needs grow. Your dashboard views can be toggled to see historic quality control (QC) data, alerts can be set for active failures/issues, and you can even report on that data to predict QC issues before they happen.

     5. Scales With Your Business

As your business grows, you’ll need additional insight and reporting capabilities to keep up with oversight of operations. 

GoCanvas Analytics is designed to scale with your business. Adaptive dashboards and reports change as your business does, generating more value as they update according to your data collection. With the help of our Analytics experts, you can leverage information that’s critical to your business success. The possibilities are endless.

Looking to take your data to the next level? GoCanvas Analytics provides you with dynamic, comprehensive dashboards so that you can keep tabs on your business in real time. Click here to learn more!