Five Ways GoCanvas Analytics Saves You Time

By Chip Phillips on August 31, 2020
Tags: Business Operations, Data Collection, Productivity

When it comes to keeping an eye on your business, it is vital to produce comprehensive reports quickly. It isn’t enough to rapidly gather information from multiple sources, you will need to analyze and summarize that data in a way that is efficient and presentable.

GoCanvas Analytics removes reporting roadblocks and provides a seamless solution to report on data, visualize what’s happening in real-time, and distribute your findings throughout your organization.

Quick Implementation

Getting started with digital reporting can be rather time consuming. You either need to be a Spreadsheet Expert™ or learn an entirely new platform from scratch. Plus, there is the effort of inputting your data and properly formatting it to meet stringent platform needs.

GoCanvas Analytics is easy to learn and quick to implement. Data you are already collecting is automatically pulled into user-friendly dashboards and straightforward reports. The dashboard views and reporting metrics are tailored to your needs, so you can drill down into one facet of your business or keep track of everything in a high-level view, all with the click of a button.

Self-Sufficient Reporting

For so many industries, new information can arrive without warning. A sudden spike in safety-related incidents or an influx of new sales can change a trend at the drop of a hat. Digital systems can help with rapid reporting, but these are so often controlled by a company’s IT Department. 

An Operations Manager who needs the latest worksite safety details has to submit a ticket request, which gets dropped into a queue, and put on a waitlist to get the necessary report within 1-2 business days.

GoCanvas Analytics gives you the keys to successful reporting and full control within an hour training session. You will be able to view real-time data as it updates on a live dashboard, exporting easy-to-understand reports without needing to rely on another department, giving time back to everyone at your organization.

Adaptive Dashboards and Reports

As your business grows, you will likely need additional insight into its workings. Maybe you’ve launched a new product and need to check on its manufacturing and sales values. Or a new location needs an updated checklist to meet local safety regulations. Whatever the case, an update to your data collection means your reporting will also need to be updated, which can be a massive undertaking for some platforms.

GoCanvas Analytics is built to automatically adapt to changes in your data collection. As you make necessary updates to mobile forms within GoCanvas, your dashboards and reports will automatically include this new information.

Automated Email Alerts and Reports

Active alerts are just as important as regular reporting. This is especially true for the Manufacturing industry, where it is vital to monitor production, equipment maintenance, and employee safety in real time.

Along with sending scheduled reports, GoCanvas Analytics can automatically send email alerts based on changes in your data. If a safety issue occurs or a metric suddenly shifts, a notification can be sent to anyone who needs it, so you can keep a pulse on your business.

Ability to Evolve your Reporting as your Needs Grow

As you identify problems you wish to solve and questions you want to answer for your business, you may discover new metrics you want to explore. You could start by trying to track monthly quality control failures for certain products, reporting on historical data collected over time. But what if you want to receive alerts for real-time QC issues?

GoCanvas Analytics has the flexibility and functionality to help evolve your data as your needs grow. Your dashboard views can be toggled to see historic QC data, alerts can be set for active failures/issues, and you can even report on that data to predict QC issues before they happen.

Looking to take your data to the next level? GoCanvas Analytics provides you with dynamic, comprehensive dashboards, so you can keep tabs on your business in real time. Click here to learn more!