Duotank Transforms Business Processes with GoCanvas

By Catherine Baumann on April 14, 2021
Tags: Data Collection




Company: Duotank Australasia

HQ Location: Victoria, Australia

Website: https://www.duotank.com


Overview on Duotank

Duotank is a bag-in-tank alternative to the traditional keg beer system. The aseptic tank environment enables breweries to improve the quality of their on-premise product, by delivering unpasteurised liquid directly to the consumer.

Breweries are able to reduce the cost-per-litre of product since the flow of liquid is one way, meaning that they don’t need to collect empty kegs on empty trucks and this reduces vehicle depreciation and KMs on road for a greener logistic. 

Liquid is delivered on-premise to an empty, insulated tank with an internal coolant to ensure perfect serving temperature. Tank design enables the installation of tanks in the air or on top of each other, so you can significantly reduce the strain on stockroom space in the older inner-city venues across the country with each tank replacing up to 20 kegs.


GoCanvas Implementation and Results

Prior to GoCanvas, payroll and financial reconciliations were conducted manually by a member of the administration staff.

Duotank’s drivers operate out of three Australian states, two outside of the business head office in Victoria. This meant that drivers were required to post hard copy documents to head office to be manually transcribed into spreadsheets and payroll software.

Since joining GoCanvas in 2019, Duotank has seen a total transformation of its manual processes by implementing GoCanvas for their POD/sign-on, payroll, financial reconciliation, inventory management, plant tracking, and OH&S procedures.

Using a combination of submission downloads and Google Sheets with Zapier integrations, the business has seamlessly streamlined many internal processes by focusing on backend application of data that has replaced the laborious task of manual collection.

An added benefit has been the ability to automate workflows in their business. For example, they can now set parameters that will send out automated warnings for when a regulation has been breached and it will notify their employees in the field.

Another benefit of GoCanvas for the business has been compliance. The business is now able to manipulate the data from driver rest break app submissions, allowing them to easily report and prove compliance if audited by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

By eliminating the manual processes and transforming their business operations, Duotank has seen increased efficiencies and they have found it beneficial to move toward digital processes using GoCanvas.