GoCanvas Launches University & Military Dorm Inspection Mobile Apps in GoCanvas Application Store

By Michael Benedict on October 21, 2012
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University Dorm Mobile Apps

GoCanvas has just launched detailed dorm inspection apps for universities, colleges and the military.  These inspections cover everything from in/out inspections to damage assessments, common area inspections and more. Every year close to 20 million students attend some form of higher education.  A good portion of those students live in dormitories, which are starting to look more like boutique hotels these days than the practical, if aesthetically challenged cinder block and bunk bed dorms of my day.  No matter. The point is there are a lot of dorm rooms, and these rooms need to be inspected multiple times, assessed for damages and even have a waiver signed. GoCanvas makes all the processes much more efficient by allowing them to be completed on tablets and smartphone – with student signatures, of course.

For college and university dormitories, GoCanvas has apps that cover Dormitory In-Out Processing Checklists, Dorm Room Damage Assessments, Dormitory Common Areas Checklist and even Loft Policy with Waiver of Liability.  For those who inspect the dorms of the U.S. Air Force, there are the Dormitory Out-Processing Checklist and Bay Orderly Checklist.  For those students who want to have their own apartment, there is the Renters Apartment Comparison Inspection Checklist, which allows you to objectively assess and compare all the units you visit before making your decision.  For landlords that rent to students, keep them on their toes with this Housing Before/After Conditions Checklist.

Don’t see the dorm inspection checklist you’re looking for? Already have a thorough checklist on paper but want it converted to an app? Send it to us! We’ll convert the first paper form into an app for FREE! Simply upload it HERE.  You also get a 30 Day Free Trial to experience going paperless.