6 Benefits of Inspection Apps for Business

By The GoCanvas Team on April 15, 2021
Tags: Data Collection, Productivity



Man looking at tablet for an inspection


Many companies are starting to use inspection apps to streamline this process for employees that need to perform regular inspections as part of their job duties.

The typical inspection involves filling out a series of forms or checklists to record all of the relevant information. The next step in the process involves creating a report with all of the information compiled for distribution to anyone that needs it.

There’s really a wide range of use cases for these apps, including:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Safety inspections
  • Building inspections
  • Machinery or equipment inspections
  • Vehicle inspections
  • And much more


What are the benefits of an inspection app?

Historically, companies used paper forms as the primary mode of collecting data, but more firms are beginning to move away from paper-based processes. Companies are now switching to digital apps that can simplify the process for everyone involved and eliminate the headaches of using paper forms.

Bringing the process into the digital world is beneficial to organizations in a number of different ways. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Business efficiencies: Inspectors are able to perform their jobs better and faster on mobile apps. They can collect photos and text notes that are recorded digitally and the reports can be generated automatically for them.


  • Standard data: One important factor is the ability to standardize how the data is collected, with reports that are consistent regardless of who performs the inspection.


  • Improved processes: Businesses need visibility into their operations in real-time. Technology today allows you to track issues in the field and have a quick turnaround time if another action needs to be taken, like scheduling further maintenance or repairs, for example.


6 key features available in inspection apps

There are many reasons to switch to a mobile app instead of using paper. Since apps are designed to be used on a mobile device or tablet, you get some advanced features with the technology that simply isn’t possible using paper.

Here are some of the features you gain when using an app for inspections:


1. Integrated with iOS or android camera for image capture

Many inspections require that you document items with images. Since mobile devices have powerful cameras built-in, inspections performed using the app can streamline taking photos and adding them to the report. Images are captured in real-time and can be associated with specific inspection items. An added feature is the ability to annotate images and highlight any problem areas.


2. Offline functionality

The ability to do work offline is an important feature for many business types. There are many people that need to perform inspections in areas that do not have an internet connection (such as a rural area or a basement). Inspection apps can collect and store the data while offline while you are on site. Once you are able to access the internet again, the app will sync everything back up to the cloud.


3. Cloud-based technology

The cloud-based technology of inspection apps is a benefit for businesses today. With data that is stored securely in the cloud, you can have peace of mind that your data is always backed up and easily accessible from anywhere.

Inspection software platforms should have a high level of IT security infrastructure built-in and should also have compliance for things like GDPR and HIPPA requirements.

Modern technology has come a long way to ensuring that your business can effectively operate online using tools that are readily available to businesses of all sizes.


4. ​​​​Reports in real-time

The ability to report on data in near real-time is a big reason to switch to apps versus paper. Creating a report on paper often takes additional time and slows down getting that information into the hands of people that need it.

When you create an inspection using an app, it files the report automatically and submits the report to all of the required recipients without creating additional work. This saves time and effort for inspectors by allowing them to finish their work and simply press the submit button to generate a report.

Most inspection apps use templates as a starting point and you can customize the templates to be consistent with your company’s brand and unique needs.


5. GPS functionality

Another built-in feature of a mobile device is your GPS functionality. This gives you the ability to verify the exact location of the property, equipment, vehicle, or item that’s undergoing inspection. 

Location tracking can be an added benefit for companies that really need to understand the precise location of something to do their jobs more efficiently.

Companies that want to automate their processes can also consider using location data in the field to streamline other tasks, like automatically generating work orders or other types of follow-up tasks that need to be performed.


6. Automation to streamline workflows

With automation tools built into inspection apps, it’s all about working smarter and reducing the amount of manual work your teams need to do.

Using these tools, you can automatically generate any of the follow-up actions that need to be performed after an inspection occurs. Depending on your business, you might have different use cases for how this would work. Most often it involves integrating your different cloud tools and systems you have in place to communicate with one another.

You can also think of automation in the form of push notifications or email notifications that are designed to alert different people after the inspection occurs. In today’s digitally connected world, you should always look for applications that can help to automate tasks and streamline your workflows to save you valuable time.


Inspection templates for your use case

Looking for a specific inspection template for your business? Make sure to check out our library of pre-built templates in the GoCanvas app store that can help you get started for free.

Our app builder requires no coding or advanced technical knowledge, which means you can build and customize your apps to fit your exact needs. Check out the GoCanvas website here for additional resources and templates for all of your inspection needs.