Australian Screening and Crushing Company Demolishes Paper, Converts to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

By scott shea on October 18, 2012
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Australian Screening and Crushing Company Demolishes Paper, Converts to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads

This crushing company has been in business for over 25 years, and they are quite good at what they do.  Change is not always easy after having a system for so long.  However, they knew a paperless solution was in order to eliminate the hassle and headache of paper based forms.  Prior to using GoCanvas, papers could be lost, illegible, or ruined.  This was time consuming and expensive to recreate forms.  After discovering GoCanvas, the company realized it could build their very own mobile apps with the GoCanvas App Builder.  The drag and drop builder is extremely user friendly.  Once acclimated with the builder, the crushing company ended up building eight custom mobile apps without any assistance!  These apps encompass all aspects of the business.  From weekly time sheets, to operation checklists – everything they needed to fill out was created. 

After the apps were built, the company added all the users who would be filling out the forms, and published the apps to those users.  Now, they can fill out the forms while in the field, click submit, and the form is immediately stored on the GoCanvas cloud.  Employees back at the office can see any form that was filled out in real time.  No more waiting for forms to come back, no more illegible hand writing.  Everything is stored neatly with GoCanvas and can be accessed from anywhere.

If your company is interested in going paperless, check out GoCanvas and sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial.  You too can build your own apps, or go to the GoCanvas Application Store where we have thousands of pre-built apps that can be downloaded for free! We can even take a form you currently have and create a custom mobile app for you for free as part of your trial with GoCanvas.  Just go to

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