5 Problems Construction Mobile Apps Solve

By kalliopi vlastos on January 22, 2014


The Shasta dam, one of the largest dams in the United States, an amazing feat of construction (source)

In construction, you’re about creating solutions. But did you know that there were solutions for your slow and inefficient processes? Check out these 5 ways mobile apps are the ultimate cure for the construction industry: 


1. Turning In Time Cards…On Time

 This one is perplexing but we run into it time and time again. Construction employees don’t like to fill out time cards. It’s one of those tasks that is put off because the process isn’t simple enough. While mobile apps can’t eliminate the need for time cards, they can simplify your timekeeping.

The biggest time and cost savings about mobile time cards? They don’t need to be driven into the office to be turned into the office. With the click of a button, mobile apps upload a user’s time card to the cloud. With csv and xml files, it’s easy to integrate these submissions into your databases. Just export the submissions into your accounting database and you’ll free up hours of time spent gathering and re-entering the data.


2. Compiling Daily Job Reports with Photos 

Many construction companies need to capture photos while in the field and associate these photos with their production during the day. Prior to construction mobile apps, this task was time-consuming and laborious: the photos needed to be uploaded to a computer and incorporated into a document that the Foreman or Superintendent typed up, based on hand-written notes.

With mobile job reports, like a GoCanvas Daily Job Report for Contractors, you can incorporate images directly into your neatly typed up reports. No redundant data entry, no need to use an external camera. Your mobile device, coupled with mobile apps will replace it, saving you hours of work and a few dozen headaches.  


3. The Joy of Manual Filing

Filing systems have been updated in recent years from the paper versions to online filing tools. While online tools come with many benefits, they require your time and energy to scan all your paper forms and upload the files.

Scanning all of this into your database? What a headache! (denn, source)

Mobile apps simplify this business practices by eliminating the scanning step. Receive neat PDF copies of field reports in your email the moment they’re completed. You can load them into a database from there, or automate the entire process with a webservices API to connect the data you collect directly to your database.


4. Equipment Check Out

You know how expensive construction equipment can be very expensive. You should know which of your employees or contractors is using which tools. Make the check out process easy for them by allowing them to fill out a check in/out form on their smartphone or tablet. The date and time will autopopulate, and you can require them to snap a photo of the equipment before and after to maintain its condition.

 Additionally, you can connect your equipment app to a spreadsheet of all the possible equipment. Your workers won’t have to type what equipment they’re checking out. They simply select it from a drop-down menu. With an equipment check out app, you’ll save your employees from confusion and understand where your equipment is now.


5. Incident and Injury Reports

Any physical labor can result in injury when accidents happen or people don’t follow procedures. The construction industry is no exception. When an injury occurs, our first instincts are  to call for help, so we reach for our cell phones. How convenient would it be if after we’ve contacted the proper help we could document the incident on that same device? Mobile apps provide field incident report forms, many tailored to the construction industry. You can quickly enter information about the incident from your phone so you can stay with the injured party.


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