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The Law of Three

The popular saying is that good things comes in threes. The American Constitution promises: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Even the planet we live on is the third from the Sun!

If last week is any measure, three events made it an awesome seven days for us.

First, we took a bold move to rebrand from Canvas to GoCanvas. While it may seem like a small change, it actually has a big impact. Most of our customers already know us best from our web site, which from beginning has been So it makes good sense to harmonize the brand name and make us even easier to find.

Being empathetic to the challenges our subscribers face to run and grow their business, GoCanvas is also a great description of their journey with us. We help our customers Go somewhere that is new and different, with the confidence that Canvas is a destination where you can do something great for your company.

This week also saw the 9th major update of our platform. Improving the way our customers engage with GoCanvas is always a cause for celebration. But when we completely refresh our look and feel, it really stands out. GoCanvas 9 has now gone live, delivering a more fluid and intuitive customer experience on the web site. So, whether creating a digital version of a simple document or rewriting the way work is dispatched to field teams, it’s now even easier to collect important business information and automate your business processes.

Now to the third great thing that happened last week.

Hearing from our customers is how our inspiration begins. We firmly believe that shared knowledge is what sparks innovation. What was originally planned as a round table with 5 or so customers giving us feedback on new features, had to be rapidly rethought.. over 100 wanted to attend!

We decided to hold our first user conference: Transform.

It was exciting to hear people sharing how GoCanvas is the solution to their everyday operational headaches. Our thanks go out to Ed from Post Brands and Fran from Apex – each took the stage to give awesome presentations, showing the practical and impactful ways that GoCanvas helps them run and grow their business. It was real team effort at our HQ in Reston to bring everything together and heartening to receive the great feedback from the customers who attended. We look forward to holding Transform 2018 and will definitely need a bigger venue!

The brand name may have changed and the web site refreshed, but not our passion for innovating and creating impact for our customers. We are continually finding new ways not just to automate paperwork but go much farther, delivering moments that surprise, delight and help drive better results. We have some amazing things planned for 2018.

Welcome to the new GoCanvas!

About GoCanvas

GoCanvas® is on a mission to simplify inspections and maximize compliance. Our intuitive platform takes care of the administrative tasks, freeing our customers to focus on what truly matters – safeguarding their people, protecting their equipment, and delivering exceptional quality to their customers. 

Since 2008, thousands of companies have chosen GoCanvas as their go-to partner for seamless field operations.

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