Our next chapter: Driving digital transformation through Nemetschek’s acquisition of GoCanvas

Since its inception, GoCanvas has been driven by a commitment to continuous innovation and a belief that customers’ time, attention, and industry expertise are too valuable to be spent agonizing over inefficient paperwork. While much has changed in the past 15+ years, our unwavering commitment to optimizing customers’ operations by simplifying inspections, digitizing traditional paper-based processes, improving safety, and supporting compliance with industry standards remains strong.

With the Nemetschek Group’s acquisition of GoCanvas, we are entering a new chapter, one that empowers us to drive digital transformation at scale. One of the most exciting and meaningful aspects of this transaction is the significant benefits it will bring to our customers. Partnering with Nemetschek, and specifically with their major brand Bluebeam, will enable us to achieve our objectives more efficiently and effectively than if we operated independently. This strategic alliance empowers us to deliver enhanced value and accelerated progress, ultimately providing greater opportunities and resources for our customers.

The power of Nemetschek + GoCanvas

The Nemetschek Group is a global leader in construction software, providing intelligent solutions that cover the entire life cycle of construction and infrastructure projects. With a shared goal of digitizing and optimizing operations across industries like construction, manufacturing, and energy, it quickly became clear that there was immense value in working together.

Nemetschek’s goals align with GoCanvas’ strengths. The primary objective of Nemetschek Group’s acquisition of GoCanvas is to strengthen their Build + Construct Segment, anchored by Bluebeam, by incorporating GoCanvas’ mobile data collection, data analytics, and workflow automation tools. With Nemetschek’s resources and expertise, GoCanvas will be empowered to achieve more, including:

  • Scale globally: This strategic move aims to increase Nemetschek’s market reach in the U.S. while offering GoCanvas growth opportunities in Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Accelerate innovation: Working together in lockstep is expected to drive future innovations by combining Nemetschek’s expertise in the AEC/O industries with GoCanvas’ strengths in mobile and cloud technology. This will accelerate the development of advanced features like enhanced mobile capabilities and smarter data analytics while also creating new growth opportunities.
  • Deliver extensive solutions for field workers: Integrating GoCanvas’ capabilities will enable Nemetschek to offer a more extensive suite of digital tools for real-time data collection, digital checklists, and mobile solutions.

Delivering more powerful solutions to our customers

When I envision GoCanvas in the future, I see state-of-the-art solutions that will redefine industry standards and create new opportunities for growth and efficiency in the built environment. With more intelligent data, seamless access to analytics, and powerful workflows that connect office and field workers, we can empower customers to maximize productivity and profitability.

This has been GoCanvas’s vision all along, and combining with Nemetschek provides us with the additional resources to scale and accelerate innovation more quickly than we’d be able to on our own. With a continued focus on driving and empowering digital transformation, we’ve never been in a better position to do just that.

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