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Many companies, whether they have gone paperless or not, struggle when it comes to processes that require the review and signature of multiple people within the organization. Often this, the collection of signatures, can be the most frustrating and time-consuming part of any data collection process. You are often forced to wait around until someone shows up with the forms for you to sign, or you have to become a detective and attempt to track down the last known whereabouts of the paperwork you need in order to get something processed. It can take a real toll on productivity.

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Workflow was created to eliminate the need for the manual transportation of data.

Typical examples of forms that are involved in this type of approval process include Change Orders, Time cards, Safety Inspections, Expense Reports and more.

Industries that paper-based workflow procedures are most commonly found in today include:

Essentially Workflow allows you to create a step by step procedure of how a form should be filled out, completed, and submitted using a mobile device.

The online “Workflow Manager” allows you to setup how each part of the mobile form should be filled out and who should receive each section of the form for review. This creation process ensures that when a form is being filled out on a project site that it will be reviewed and completed the proper way every single time.

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It works as simple as a technician opening a GoCanvas mobile form on their smartphone and filling it out. Once the technician reaches the pre-determined end of that section, they will be notified that the data is being transferred to their supervisors’ device for review.

In real-time, the supervisor will get a push notification (similar to a text message) alerting them that they have a GoCanvas report to review. When they open it, they will be able to review all the past data and even add comments or reject it if they deem necessary. Once finished, the supervisor can submit the final report to the main office or transfer it to the next supervisor(depending on how the Workflow was created).

You will notice the impact on your business almost immediately. Instant benefits include:

  • Ability to review, sign, and submit reports in real-time
  • Recover 100’s of hours spent tracking down employees or reports
  • Eliminate the need for annoying texts, calls, or email reminders
  • Share photos, signatures, GPS coordinates and more directly from one device to another

Workflow gives your company a structured way to communicate data from the field to the proper supervisors in real-time. No more delays due to travel or human error. Get all the data that you need, when you need it.

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Take a look at how Certarus has processed over 15,000+ invoice and time card submission requests using Workflow!


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