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In many industries, from Field Service to Professional Services, the act of keeping accurate time records on paper is still a daily practice. These paper records help ensure that employees are paid for their hours worked, as well as act as a receipt for the client they are servicing.

So what is so wrong with this current process? Manual data entry errors caused by using paper-based time cards are costing companies across the country not only 100’s of hours in lost productivity each year but additionally costing them significantly on their bottom line.

In order to really understand the full benefits of mobile timecards, it’s important to review the inefficiencies in your current process.

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When you’re collecting any sort of data, including time, it’s important to try and reduce as many manual touch points as possible. Manual touch points, especially in time collection, often lead to missing or inaccurate data. Typical touchpoints in a paper-based data collection process include:

  • Filling out the time sheet by hand
  • Handing over the timesheet to a supervisor for review and signature
  • Scanning, faxing or driving the timesheet back to the office
  • Reviewing and manually typing all data points into a spreadsheet or payroll system by the office staff

Altogether, one standard paper time sheet can account for at least four human touch points through the process of being filled out and inputted into the company’s database.  These four touch points leave open the potential for data to be compromised and data collection mistakes to be made. Incomplete reports, inaccurate data, and missing or delayed submissions are the most common issues that occur with this type of data collection method. And when it comes to time tracking and collection, the speed and accuracy of your data is the ONLY thing that truly matters.

Canvas Mobile Time Sheet Form

As we touched on before, the biggest thing that matters when it comes to collecting time cards is speed and data accuracy. This data is an essential part of not only processing employee payroll but in making sure that clients are being billed accurately and on time.

When a company makes the switch to mobile forms they are immediately able to eliminate many of the manual touch points that make paper time sheets so inefficient. By collecting this information with mobile forms, you instantly gain the benefits of:

  • Validated location stamps via GPS
  • Auto Date and time stamps
  • Integrated project and client lists
  • Automatic calculation of labor hours
  • Customizable PDF reports for reporting employee hours
  • Instant export of timesheet data via CSV or direct integration to internal software

With programs like GoCanvas, the process of filling out a timecard goes from 15 minutes to 5 and requires zero data reentry by the office staff.

Implementing mobile timecards is not something that takes a team of IT personnel to accomplish. It’s as simple as using our simple ‘drag and drop’ app builder to build your own app in minutes, or browsing the pre-built mobile form templates in our library of over 31,000. You are able to search by industry and use case, as well as view and download as many templates as you wish. So to help jump start your company’s transition to paper-free timecards, we wanted to share three of our most popular mobile time card templates. Click below to download any of these templates!

Mobile Weekly Time Card/Sheet
Mobile Daily Time Card/Sheet
Mobile Time Sheet with Safety Checklist

Remember, these are just a sample of the different types of mobile time cards and time sheets available. Also, don’t forget that you can build your own mobile timecard from scratch using the no-code, drag and drop App Builder as well!

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