Three Advantages of Connecting GoCanvas with Quickbooks

Managing your bills and expenses can be a real headache. It can require hours of data re-entry and receipt tracking, but that’s not how it has to be. Imagine a solution that would allow all your accounting processes to be managed with a click of a button. We’ve made that possible and, no, you don’t need to implement any new software or fancy tools!

GoCanvas and QuickBooks have created an integration allowing for information to be easily transmitted from one platform to the other. What this means is, when a submission is made in GoCanvas the information is automatically recorded into QuickBooks as well, making it so all your accounting records are updated in real time. This allows you to maximize the way you’re using the platforms you already have!

Here are some different ways optimizing this process could benefit you and your company.

Time is money, and unfortunately, many companies are spending tons of time tracking their money. What an integration between GoCanvas and QuickBooks does is allow for financial managers to get better insight into information in real-time. Instead of tracking down receipts or trying to calculate new invoices for change orders, they can easily pull up the submission and review the data as soon as it is submitted.

Not only is invoicing turnaround time nearly eliminated, but you can also take back the time spent transferring information from one system to the other. The process of manually going through each submission and re-entering the data into the corresponding fields can require hours of productivity from staff. Manual data re-entry isn’t just a hindrance for employees though, it can also affect customer acquisition due to prolonged invoice turnaround times and human errors.

When logging expenses and receivables, accuracy is key. Whether it be for a potential audit, stakeholder visibility, taxes, or budgeting purposes every company wants to have a precise log of what their cash flows look like. With an integration between GoCanvas and QuickBooks, you’re eliminating the potential for manual reporting errors to be while also making you ready to present information for any of these situations at a moment’s notice.

Not only is the potential for reporting errors substantially decreased, but with accurate and real-time reporting, your company can understand its financial standing immediately. When your boss asks you to create a report on company spend and transaction history, you can be sure all the information is up to date and as current as possible allowing for more precise analysis.

A GoCanvas and QuickBooks integration is not limited to simply invoicing, but also encompasses forms and processes such as:

By integrating GoCanvas to QuickBooks, you are able to streamline a list of data-intensive processes that weigh down your back office.

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