Best Apps for Painting Contractors

By The GoCanvas Team on November 15, 2021

painting contractor on a job site


Contractors are leveraging digital technologies to improve their workflows both in the office and in the field. For painting contractors,  mobile apps and forms can be used to improve how information is collected, shared, and stored. Going digital provides an opportunity for painting contractors to improve the customer experience and streamline their operations. Continue reading this article for examples of the top apps used by painting contractors to improve workflows between the field and office.


Is there an app for painting contractors?

There are many types of apps that painting contractors can use on their mobile devices. Many painting contractors are leveraging a platform for mobile forms and apps to better manage all of their data collection needs in the field. 

For example, GoCanvas is a mobile data platform that is used by thousands of companies to create customizable apps for the field. Most contractors will start with a pre-built template for their industry and customize the app based on their specific business needs. This type of software tool is beneficial for contractors because it gives them the ability to create many different types of apps for the different jobs and tasks that need to be completed on a job site.

A common scenario for many contractors is the process of working with a client on a painting job. Typically in this process you would have an estimate or quote go out to the customer, a work order that gets initiated when work is approved, and an invoice that gets generated once work is completed. All of the steps in this scenario can be done on mobile apps, rather than paper work that can be lost or contain errors. 


How Digital Apps Work for Contractors

Digital apps are designed to digitize your information and eliminate paper sheets from the daily workflow of contractors and business owners. All of the paper forms your business uses today can be transformed into digital and mobile forms that can be completed from anywhere and stored securely in the cloud. Here’s how apps for contractors work:


Digitize Your Paper Forms. The first step is to digitize your paper forms. Most contractors start with one use case like paper work orders, inspections, or estimates. Once you start digitizing your paper forms, it’s easy to see how going digital can save your business time and money. Using the GoCanvas form builder, you can start with a template or build your digital app from scratch.

Dispatch and Collect Information. Apps for contractors will also allow you to assign tasks and dispatch work to employees in the field. Since the information is collected in a standard way, you ensure that information collected is consistent and accurate every time. Data can be collected from the field on a mobile device or tablet, and no internet connection is required.

Report on Your Data. Once data is captured from the field, it’s instantly available in the cloud. This helps you share reports, create dashboards and analytics, and send information via email as PDF documents. Having information digitized in real-time allows your business to move faster and helps to automate your business processes and eliminate manual work.



Top 5 Apps for Painting Contractors – Examples and Templates

Looking for a specific app to help streamline your business? Here are some examples and templates used by painting contractors to automate how work gets done.


1. Painting Estimate with Quick Checklist Mobile App

The Painting Estimate app with Quick Checklist provides a simple way to total up the estimated cost for customer invoices before and after an interior or exterior painting job has been completed. Painting companies can customize the estimate template form to include the square footage of the areas to be painted, a list of services to be performed by the painting contractors, estimated gallons of paint to be used, specialty materials needed, labor and other details for the customer. The business can also add more specific details about the job as needed, including paint colors to be used and the number of coats to be applied.


2. Painting Work Order Invoice with Dispatch Mobile App

The Painting Work Order Invoice with Dispatch mobile app is an easy to use tool for painting contractors and professional painting services. Track all customer details, capture basic painting services details, terms of service and calculate the final costs with the easy to use the work order form designed just for you. Additionally, the application also features Dispatch functionality, making it possible for scheduling managers to assign different jobs in the painting business to the right employee while in the field.


3. Painting Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Report Mobile App

The Painting Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) app provides a simple way for painting contractors and project managers to evaluate test methods, surface preparation, product application and other applicable project procedures.The visual inspection and evaluation of procedures helps ensure that painters deliver work that meets all project standards, and that the objectives and quality assurance guidelines are followed throughout the painting process. 


4. Room Measurement Calculator with Dispatch Mobile App

This Room Measurement Calculator with Dispatch Mobile App replaces the manual process of measuring rooms by hand and provides a wide variety of helpful features. The room measurements form app is perfect for painting companies who need accurate measurements about floor plans. Instead of using graph paper or a computer to chart out room measurements and add notes, the room measurement calculator app does it for you. 


5. Painting Time and Material Form Mobile App

The Painting Time and Material Form is an invoice template app (also exports as a pdf doc) which allows for any painting company or independent contractors to invoice a client for painting jobs completed.This service invoice form can be used by any painting firm that offer services that need to create an invoice (electronically or as a pdf doc) for customers or for billing clients for painting jobs. The form then has a final total painting price for all the services performed on the project, as well as signature fields for who prepared the final invoice, and who accepts it from the client.