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Form Templates

There are many parts involved in the production and distribution of consumer products. Whether it is over-the-counter medicine, chocolate at convenience stores, school supplies or skincare products – any given item must go through a number of levels of review and approval before it becomes part of the general merchandise on the shelves at your local retail stores.

If you work in this field, you know that the long approval process translates into tremendous amounts of paperwork. Thankfully, there are digital solutions that can be used to replace traditional paperwork to speed up and improve processes.

GoCanvas retail, sales and wholesale distribution mobile apps offer convenience, accurate data collection, easy data retrieval and quick sharing. Each app is a customizable template that can be crafted to suit your specific needs. You can find retail merchandise inspection templates, warranty reimbursement forms, wholesaler food warehouse procedures, supply chain procedures, pre-shipment testing reports and much more.

These apps are ideal for wholesale distributors, merchant wholesalers, sales representatives, retailers, goods inspectors and other professionals at sales and distribution businesses. Upon submission, the app will automatically generate a PDF and save it to the GoCanvas Cloud. This is a hassle-free way to organize and store all of your retail, sales and wholesale PDFs in one place.

When you handle communications forms or contracts, it's critical that you collect all the right data. With our communications apps, you can collect all that you need and then quickly and easily share the form or report as a PDF. We're glad to tell you that guidelines apps are our specialty! GoCanvas has all the templates you need to stay organized, while also making your job simpler with digital forms that can be easily shared among mobiles devices and desktops.

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