You Can Save Time and Money with Android Business Apps

By katie simpson on February 26, 2014

It's hard to believe sometimes that Android phones like the Galaxy could help your business. If you have kids, you see them texting, tweeting, snapping photos of themselves, or generally being distracted by these shiny gadgets. In that light, android only distracts your workers, not help them do their job.

Actually, the opposite is true. In terms of collecting information such as inspections, surveys, checklists, and work orders, smartphones can help businesses gather this information more quickly and at a lower cost. These powerful android phones partnered with business apps have tools to enhance your business and save you money in the long run.

Clear Text

When was the last time you saw a teenager on the phone with a friend? You could probably count the number of times on one hand. Texting? They could do it all day and night! 

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Smartphones provide great easy to read text. When gathering information, this can be huge for business. We've all had common confusion. The description of an equipment issue was hard to read. Or an address was written as 1077 Birch Street, when the customer was at 7011 Birch Street. 

Typed text helps save time when reading documents down the road. You don't have to spend time chasing down employees and clarifying information. It's all there, easy to read. 

1,000 Words in One Click

Kids these days don't ask for cameras. Many smartphones are starting to rival point and shoot cameras. While your kids might be filling their phones with selfies, your workers can capture images on worksites. These images can carry detailed visual information once difficult to capture on paper. 


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In some industries like oil and gas, photos were captured on polaroids and then stuck to the form. Even if you use a point and shoot, when paired with a paper form this can be cumbersome and confusing. It requires printing out the images and pairing it with the proper form. 

Android business apps allow you to gather visual information easily and quickly. With a photo capture option, you press just one button to capture the image. Then, it is attached to your submission. 

Visual data can be huge in saving time in communication between your field and the office or with customers. One of our clients actually uses photos to help explain issues to customers about their pools. This saves him hours on the phone, and having to make visits to people's homes. 

Never Lose Data

Some kids face issues when they realize that things they put online can stay there…forever. Unlike previous eras, this data doesn't get lost over time. When in places easily available, that can cause problems down the road. 

While dangerous for social media, the ability to easily preserve data is an asset for businesses. Android business apps send submissions from smartphones and tablets, and they go directly to the cloud for digital storage. There you can integrate them with your own backend systems from CRMs to Quickbooks. 

Lost information can be a huge issue for businesses. In day to day life, one lost document can cost an organization from $350 to $700. One customer of ours realized they would save $10,000 a month if they could capture all of their invoices. By switching to android business apps, you will save your business from this ongoing money loss. 

Even more, this system also reduces the amount of time you spend on data entry. With easy integration, you never have to do data entry again. That can save your workers hundreds of hours a year from redundant data entry. Reducing data entry allows your workers to spend their time on work that grows your business. 

It's easy to see why you're hesitant about kids having smartphones: they can be expensive distractions. In your business, smartphones paired with android business apps can help you save time, money, and grow in new and exciting ways. 

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