two men on a construction site looking at a tablet device

Why You Should Leverage Apps for Construction Time Cards

By The GoCanvas Team on October 4, 2021

two men on a construction site looking at a tablet device


Looking to replace your time card system? Construction time card apps provide a better alternative to paper forms and they can streamline business processes. Instead of complicated workflows between the field and the office, digital time cards bring an easy-to-use solution for managing operational tasks.


The Challenge with Workflows

Inefficient workflows are a common pain point for companies of all sizes. Managing work can become complicated, especially for companies with a distributed workforce in the field or spread out across different job sites and offices. 

Here are some common examples of workflow challenges:

  • Missing or lost paperwork to track down
  • Incomplete or inaccurate data to correct
  • Manual data entry to digitize information for reporting
  • Back and forth communication to resolve issues
  • Employee travel time required between field and office


Solving for better ways to work between the field and the office can increase productivity by eliminating these process inefficiencies. These types of problems start small, but quickly become a drain on company time and resources that will impact overall profitability. 


How Time Card Apps Solve Workflow Challenges

Construction time card apps are designed to alleviate these challenges by providing your business with software that can simplify workflows between the field and office. Time card apps can be completed from a mobile device or tablet, helping to connect employees on job sites and operations teams in the office. Here’s how it works:


Design custom forms for the field. Leverage digital forms to collect time card data from the field. Your customizable digital forms will be used to collect time cards, daily reports, inspections forms, and anything other information captured on job sites.

Assign and dispatch work. Assign time cards to be completed, automatically going out on a daily or weekly basis. With tools to dispatch and assign work, your employees will be notified in real-time when work needs to be completed and management gets notified once tasks are complete. 

Capture consistent and accurate data every time. Digital forms allow you to require certain fields, helping to ensure that data is complete. Features like automatic calculations help to eliminate errors in the data for accurate reporting on payroll and invoicing.

Integrated workflows across cloud-based tools. Digital time card apps are just one component of the technology ecosystem for the construction industry. Time card data can be integrated with other cloud-based tools you already have, like payroll systems or document management tools. Integrating data capture from the field can help to automate business processes and avoid manual workflows.


How Better Data Capture in the Field Leads to Better Project Data

Going to digital time card apps not only helps with productivity, but can also lead to greater business insights and analytics. Creating reports can be a time-consuming project when you are dealing with paper forms and manual processes. By going digital, data is available for reporting instantly and can be used for greater visibility into projects. Here are some ways to leverage time card data in action:


Spot delays and cost overruns. Having the ability to break down time card data can help you to spot potential issues on projects. If work is taking longer than expected and costs are rising, it can be helpful to have analytics to get alerted when this happens. Identifying trends on projects can inform you if workers are taking too long or if there are hidden challenges that have come up. Being alerted with real-time reports allows your business to take action quickly and address any potential concerns.

Communicate updates with key stakeholders. Surfacing insights in the data can be useful when you need to communicate status updates on projects. Time card apps and software allow you to instantly share reports as PDF files and help to simplify the reporting process for your staff. Instead of spending hours creating reports, all of the information is available in a central cloud-based tool for analytics and insight sharing. This can improve communication issues and increase transparency into projects so everyone is on the same page.

Clear documentation for record-keeping. Time card software helps provide a clear record of the time billed to projects and this can be helpful to have saved in case of an audit. All project details and time worked on projects can be broken down into labor categories, employee types, and any other custom fields needed for your project. Setting your organization up with digital time tracking will bring all of this documentation into a central platform that’s easily accessible.


About GoCanvas

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