Why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Great Phone for Business

By katie simpson on February 28, 2014

After all the hubbub, it seems the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not a radical change from the recent S4 that some hoped for. Still the S5 has a few important differences. If your business is in the market for a new phone, here's why you should take notice.

Samsung S5 concept drawing (Samsung, Source)

1. Dynamically Adjusting Screen

The Samsung Galaxy 5's display is not significantly larger than the S4, but it has a feature that workers will love. Inside every S5 is an image chip that can dynamically adjust brightness and color based on the light. This is a huge step forward from the automatic brightness control in many of the other smartphones on the market.

Mobile workers whose jobs occur in various conditions will benefit from the Galaxy 5's adjustable screen. Rather than squinting and spending time fidgeting with their settings, your workers can spend time getting their jobs done. Better experience also reduces the possibility of confusion or error when using their smartphones. For your business? This means more productive and accurate work no matter where your workforce is. 

2. Faster Camera

The Galaxy S5 camera totes a 16 megapixel camera, up from the 13 megapixels in the previous S4. More than sheer image quality, it has an incredibly fast auto-focus at 0.3 seconds. You can even test HDR before you take the photo, to see what it will look like with this editing. Not only can you take better quality pictures, but more quickly.

How does this benefit your business? If you collect visual information, this allows you to capture more detailed photos more quickly. Your workers don't have to waste time trying to improve the photo after the shot. Instead, enjoy great quality photographs the first time around. Once more, this will make your business run more smoothly.

3. Water and Dust Resistant

The new Galaxy phone is both water and dust resistant. By water resistant, the S5 can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minute and is totally protected against dust. Even without a protective case, Samsung assures you a resilient phone. 

If you have a mobile workforce out in the elements, the S5 can provide some rugged protection at a fraction of a ruggedized device's cost. While you will probably still want to invest in protective cases on these phones, the build of the S5 ensures a longer life for your phone. Thus, the S5 Galaxy ensures a more durable phone, and reduced total lifetime cost of your hardware. 

4. Fingerprint For Additional Security and API

Like the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. The sensor sits on the home button of the phone. By swiping it several times, you can train the phone to read your particular fingerprint. If your phone doesn't read the fingerprint, don't worry. You can enter a passcode as a backup. 

For businesses, fingerprints can give extra level of security to your data. In many ways, it's harder to hack a fingerprint than it is to guess a four digit code. Articles have acknowledged that these sensors are hackable. Still, for affordable consumer grade smartphone security options, the S5 provides a good option. 

With more long term potential, the S5 fingerprint sensor will have an API open to developers. Beyond security, this will create opportunities for seamless experiences. Some businesses, like Paypal, will use the fingerprint sensor to shop. To be fair the potential use for the consumer sphere is more immediate. But the open API creates potential for you and your workers for a more frictionless experience. 

Coming to the market this April, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a phone businesses should notice. Perhaps some will be disappointed by the similarities the S5 shares with its predecessors, but those same factors will make the shift for your business an easier one. The step forwards Samsung has made in it's security, images, and display will help your business boost productivity and reduce some of the pain points in mobile data collection. 

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