Veterinarian Sends Paper to the Doghouse with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

By Jason Good on November 30, 2011

Canvas mobile apps for veterinarians on iPads

One of Canvas’s newest customers is a veterinarian that built her own custom GoCanvas app to issue rabies certificates after vaccinating her patients.  She now makes house calls with an iPad and enters all of the necessary information into her GoCanvas app.  Along with all of the relevant information about the animal (species, breed, color, age, etc.) she also captures the microchip information, the rabies tag number, the date that a booster is due and some other details.

After entering all of that information she captures her signature on the iPad and can email the information directly to the owner right away.

All of this information is stored securely on Canvas’s servers that can be accessed from anywhere.  So she has a complete history of all of her rabies vaccinations that she can reference whenever necessary.  If she gets a call with a rabies tag number then she can look that up on GoCanvas and find out who the owner of that pet is along with their contact information.

And even if Rover uses her iPad as a chew toy, her data is safely stored with GoCanvas!

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