Top 8 Mobile Forms Every Retailer Should Have

By keith bateman on July 21, 2016

Retail is Going Paperless with Canvas

The retail industry is extremely competitive and ever evolving. Corporate owners are constantly looking for ways to streamline their day to day operations and increase visibility into their retail locations' critical data.

The issue? Paper is not dynamic or transparent enough to give key insight into operations at a macro or micro level. 

Mobile Forms for Retail Organizations

Learn how retailers are making the switch and taking back their time with these 8 mobile forms. These mobile forms are specifically tailored to help facility managers and staff get their lost time back and enable global reporting of data for upper management who quickly need it. This allows for corrective actions to be implemented in minutes, not months or weeks. 

If you are interested in a demo of any of these 8 retail forms, you can request a demo right here!

  1. Daily Store Checklist
  2. Store Visit Report
  3. OSHA Warehouse Safety Checklist: General Safety
  4. Simple Item Inventory Sheet
  5. Facility Walkthrough Checklist
  6. Time Tracking Log
  7. Fire Sprinkler Checklist
  8. Display Compliance Report
  9. Fire Inspection Checklist

Checklist apps in general are crucial for retailers who are looking to streamline their processes and improve productivity, cash flow and resource allocation. 

Want more info? Check out how a Fortune 100 retailer went paperless with GoCanvas or download our Retail eBook today!

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