The Tools You Need to Share Your Data Faster This Month [Live Webinar]

By keith bateman on May 3, 2016

Since we have finally made it to May and it has stopped finally snowing(hopefully) for our subscribers in the Midwest, we can look forward to Spring cleaning!

Now, I'm not talking about the cleaning in which you spend hours complaining about how much stuff you have in your house, but the type of “cleaning” that actually SAVES YOU TIME. In the business world, “Spring cleaning” consists of re-evaluating internal processes and cleaning up those that are costing the company time and money.

At GoCanvas, we already give you the top mobile platform for collecting data efficiently and accurately, but now we're making it even easier for you to share that data with the places it needs to go. In late April, we formally announced our integration with Zapier which allows your data to be shared with over 500+ third-party apps without any coding or expensive integrations. Now all the data you store in the GoCanvas cloud can be seamlessly connected with your accounting, project management, and CRM tools with no hassle!

But with new GoCanvas features, there are always new questions. How do you enable Zapier? How do the connections work? What are the best use cases for using GoCanvas with Zapier?

You have the questions and we have the answers! Starting Wednesday, May 11th we will be holding three webinars that cover the spectrum of tips and tricks to mastering Zapier with GoCanvas. 

Are you ready to start sharing your data like never before? Check out the webinar to learn:

  • What is Zapier? Which Industries use it?
  • How to enable Zapier for your existing GoCanvas account
  • How to create a “Zap” or connection to a third-party system
  • Best use cases for using Zapier in your business