Students in Recent Venezuelan Elections Promote Democracy and Political Involvement Utilizing Canvas

By James W Quigley on August 3, 2010

Students in Recent Venezuelan Elections Promote Democracy and Political Involvement Utilizing GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Smartphones

Blackberry Users Get Out the Vote and Witness Fair Elections Using the Power of Mobility

Herndon, VA – August 3, 2010 – Canvas Technology can be a powerful ally as citizens are looking to protect their ability to openly promote and ultimately vote for the political candidate of their choice. In today’s world, this has never been more the case than in countries where there are constant challenges to those freedoms and the rights of voters and citizens. In recent primary elections in Venezuela, volunteers from Futuro Presente equipped with mobile apps built and deployed themselves within the GoCanvas ( mobile application environment were able to take to the streets using their Blackberry smartphones as a powerful tool for a variety of mobile political canvassing needs.

Student Using Canvas
Futuro Presente Volunteer Using GoCanvas on her Blackberry at Witness Center

“With GoCanvas we were able to register volunteers in real time at rallies, mass events and door-to-door visits. These volunteers could then use their Blackberry units equipped with GoCanvas to help witness fair elections, recruit additional volunteers, and provide our volunteers with key information to help provide assistance to those who needed help in getting to voting centers” stated Miguel Sabal president of Futuro Presente.“With GoCanvas we were able to publish our own mobile apps quickly and easily with the ability to even customize apps based on regional need.“

Futuro Presente is an organization made up of young professionals, students and various workers devoted to promoting responsible leadership, advancement of active citizenship and the defense of Human Rights in Venezuela.

Without having to hire expensive software developers, Futuro Presente was able to craft their own mobile canvassing applications and once built, could publish them instantaneously to the Smartphone or mobile device of their choice. They could share the applications within their user group or even choose to publish them openly in the GoCanvas Application Store for others to download. For just a few examples of political based mobile applications written within GoCanvas click to visit this section of the GoCanvas Application Store.

“We have always been pleasantly surprised at the unique ways in which our subscribers have created their own distinct value from mobile and wireless solutions. With the power and flexibility of GoCanvas it has never been easier for organizations like Futuro Presente to create and deploy their own mobile business apps. We are also proud of the fact that Futuro Presente has in turn put GoCanvas to use to facilitate such a worthy cause stated James Quigley CEO and Co-Founder of GoCanvas.

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