Statewide Property Management Firm Goes Mobile with GoCanvas on Their iPads

By Joe Gatto on June 8, 2011

Canvas automates Property company on iPad

This property management firm located in the Northeastern United States is this week’s GoCanvas featured subscriber. They set themselves apart from most firms in the industry by employing true property managers with training in all aspects of running and managing your commercial, residential, townhome, Co-op or condominium building. Their staff is proficient in construction management, accounting and customer service. Aside from around-the-clock availability and a mindful eye on cost cutting measures including savings on energy bills by implementing programmable timers for lights, sprinklers, etc. they also assist in securing the best value for property repairs when the need arises.

In comes GoCanvas. The latest tool deployed by this forward-thinking company to assist in the collection of critical data when inspecting their clients’ homes, buildings, and grounds. Today they leverage GoCanvas on iPad devices to efficiently inspect a modest-sized townhome as well as 30-floor condominium building. As various areas are being inspected, photos can be captured of items that are in poor condition and require attention. This information along with the related photos are sent back to the main office where repair teams can be dispatched to correct the problem areas. The implementation of GoCanvas has greatly enhanced the quality of service that this subscriber can now provide its clients.