Singapore Security Company Locks In GoCanvas

By matthew bubna-litic on May 3, 2013

Evtec, a large private security company based out of Singapore has recently gone paperless and switched to GoCanvas. To ensure their clients receive an unparalleled level of protection, Evtec implements a comprehensive system of reporting on security matters. Previously this system was implemented through paper clipboards and manual data entry. Director Daniel Marc Chow was looking for a way to replace this time consuming and inefficient system of reporting with an mobile application. GoCanvas was the perfect solution.

With GoCanvas, Evtec ground personnel are able to carry out their reports in real time on their smart devices. This not only saves time by eliminating paperwork and manual data entry, it enables the data to be linked with a back end system which completes complex calculations automatically. Previously, tedious calculations such as ‘average time spent on location, in transit, etc’ had to be done manually. GoCanvas now enables these to be done automatically and in real time. This enables management to identify and respond to potential security risks instantly. In the private security industry every second counts and by switching from a paper based system to GoCanvas, Evtec is able to close any hole in the system before it can become a threat. 

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